Radom Tuesday – Catching up from Monday, dislike this holiday, teenage boys

  • So yesterday was weird. I knew I was going to call in “sick” because I just needed a couple hours to catch up. So I emailed my bosses and told them I had a headache and planned to be in around lunch. And I did; I got to work around 12:15 and ran right into my senior editor on the way in. She was like, ‘Hey, it’s slow right now so go ahead and go home.’ So I did!
  • But to backtrack: My life has been damn busy since Friday. Ok, maybe not Friday. We drank a couple beers and watched Wayne’s World – because we hadn’t seen that in forever. Elliot had two friends over and we went to bed fairly early. Saturday though – what a mess. They canceled city sports because that awful front had moved in, dumping SO much rain. And as noted before, our pool pump isn’t working so we had to figure out how to get water out. Oh but I guess the morning started slowly and I offered to make food for my son and his friends – he said yes, we want it, then when the eggs, biscuits and bacon were done, he’s like, ‘Oh they’re not hungry.’ I was like, they better get hungry right now because I made all this! They did end up eating it and I was only a little miffed that they didn’t come downstairs and at least say thank you. Little jerks.
  • Anyway, I had to run my daughter up to the store where the girl scouts were running a cookie booth. So in the pouring rain, we went there, I did my grocery shopping then came back. Meanwhile, my husband and middle boy dealt with the pool, buying a pump and dumping enough so it didn’t overflow. Such a pain in my butt, I tell you. I am trying to remember what we did in between. I got laundry going and tried to clean up but we had to leave around 3:30 for a friend’s son’s third birthday. We only intended to stay until about 8 but didn’t get home until 11! Long day.
  • Sunday was no different. Woke up and worked on laundry again then my parents were in town and planned to take the kids to breakfast. We had to leave by 10 because our plan had been to hit Apalachicola to go to Oyster City, then make our way back towards Crawfordville by way of Eastpoint and then Sopchoppy. Was it ambitious to hit three breweries BEFORE a Superbowl party? Yes, yes it was. But it was fun. We picked up one of Ash’s coworkers and then at the tail end of brewery 1 his wife met us, then at brewery 2, their daughter and her boyfriend. We had a great time, to be honest. I mean, the Superbowl party was a little bit of a bust (the hosts were not very good at hosting, tbh, and we might should have just skipped it but eh.) But that was definitely a lot of activity.
  • I did NOT call out because I was hungover, just for the record. I really JUST wanted to catch up. And I did! I finished a load of towels and I broke down a bunch of cardboard boxes. Then I went to the store and Ash and I transferred a beer that was done fermenting then started fermenting another. We then went to lunch and as noted, I went to work but then came home. And you know what I did? I sat in the sun. In fact, it was a true gift on Sunday when the storm FINALLY went away and by the time we got to the coast, the sun had come out. So yesterday it was about 65 and sunny as heck so I laid out for a bit. Then we took a four mile walk, I vacuumed rugs, took a nap, made dinner for the kids and later, took a relaxing bath. It was a beautiful day.
  • I do not care for Valentine’s Day so for me, this doesn’t mean much. It’s just a money-making holiday anyway. Stop listening to what “they” tell you to do. Show love whenever you want, to whomever you want. God, I’m sorry for being such a downer but that kind of stuff just annoys me.
  • Much in the way my oldest child annoys me. I am going to need to evaluate how to best speak to him so he doesn’t pull away. I was mad at him this morning because his ride was running late and I told him we’re on time, no matter what. He tells me his first period teacher doesn’t take attendance until 15 mins into class so being late is ok. No, being late is never ok! I just want him to see that we stick to what we know is right, despite everyone else. I think we’re at a crucial phase right now because he’s got this big group of boys all running around to the gym and eating out and stuff and so he’s finally become part of it. I worry he’s going to be influenced by them. Here’s where I have to hope and pray he’s listened to all our teachings and makes good choices!

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