Friday Five – Eeeuuuggghhhh

  1. Imagine the sound of disgust you might make if you woke up like, three minutes before your alarm and felt exceedingly tired. That’s my title. That’s not exactly how I’m feeling but it’s that kind of day: rainy and there’s just a pall of bad feeling about it. Trying to pluck myself from the depths but I forgot my coffee so I have to wait until Cuban coffee lady in the office makes hers. Oh and I just noticed she logged off so, uuugggghhhh!
  2. I guess I should be happy that it is Friday, though I am still not exactly thrilled about a rainy weekend ahead. I wish I could be happier today but again, just a lot of little stresses: pool pump currently not working (waiting on parts) and so much rain coming and we can’t dump, too much to do this weekend, too much to do at work. I am hoping they end the meetings early tonight and I can go out to eat. I am having lunch with Ash and his friend but I wanted to meet him at Bumpa’s for dinner.
  3. I am also stressing about things that, while are in my control, are also decisions I have to make. My son’s friends are all getting licenses so they’re driving to the gym and to eat. Nothing excessive and so far, nothing late at night. This morning, he rode to school with the kid around the corner and one other. I am not upset about it but it’s one of those worrisome things. I polled some moms in a FB group and they all said no way. I mean, I can’t stop him from living his life either! Now I’m just annoyed by all the moms who said their kids literally aren’t allowed to go anywhere with friends. I mean, I fricken’ did! As soon as I had my license I drove to school, all over town, with kids in the backseat even. So yeah, maybe I am just not like those other moms but what the heck is the right answer?? Sigh.
  4. I have written this section probably four times since 10 am but never can figure out what this one is about. I work with words ALL day – reading them, looking for tiny errors within spelling, usage, and the rules of writing legislation. And sometimes I just CAN’T with text anymore. I guess I can follow up on #2; session ended around noon so we get to go home at 5. It feels like a damn gift, I tell you. Been going home at 6:30 and walking in the house at 5:30 instead of 7 is pure magic.
  5. This rainy weather just makes me want to go home and get under my heated blanket and drink a beer. That is my plan for now, though I might try to clean up the house a little. But you know, sometimes you just gotta rest. Sometimes you just have to put on your flannel pants and a shitty old t-shirt and climb into your worn recliner that’s as old as your child who is riding around in cars these days and just…zone out. So I will report back Monday!

2 thoughts on “Friday Five – Eeeuuuggghhhh

  1. Ugh, kids getting their drivers licenses – so scary, yet inevitable. We put each of our kids through a rigorous driver’s ed course. I noticed a increase in their skills and confidence right away, and that helped. But yeah, it’s one of those difficult rites of passage. Hope you have a chill weekend!

  2. I remember the days when I would wake up and see that it was three minutes before the alarm clock rang, and would shut my eyes and squeeze that last three minutes of sleep in.

    What fun is having a driver’s license if you can’t take your friends along? (Understand, I didn’t get a driver’s license until I was 28…)

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