MMMM + Where did the weekend go?

Seriously, how is it Monday again?? Friday after work I went straight to Elliot’s game, where they got a win over Leon. It was his last game of the season so I let him get garbage food (Taco Bell) on the way home then I didn’t do, well, anything after. OK, not true. We built a fire and sat there for a bit then watched stuff.

Saturday morning, I dropped Ell off for work and Koda and I went to Target and Publix. She had an 11:30 game (which Elliot reffed!) and then soon after, I took her to a birthday party and Isaac to drop off his CIT application. In the summer, he can be a junior counselor at the camp they go to. I got started on spaghetti (we had not eaten yet) then picked her up, Ash got Ell, and then we sat down to eat then we drank some beer. In and around helping Dakota with her 3D Florida project, I got other things done but also, did a little gaming, which I never make time for. It began raining later that night and didn’t stop until late Sunday!

So yes, Sunday was stormy and I was stressed. I tried to run but the hip issue that presented itself two weeks ago resurfaced after only a half mile, which was depressing. I hit the grocery store and got started on laundry and burgers but I was just in kind of a bad mood all day. We did finish the Florida project but it was not without strife. Finally, it was complete and football started and I was just blah. I sat, lazily, and did nothing of note. Finished laundry, made dinners for the kids (pizza roll-ups, tomato soup/grilled cheese, and cheese dip/green chicken chili firecrackers, respectively. Yes, I catered to them.) I dozed off on the couch around 7, though I wasn’t that tired. Just sort of wanting to hide. I hate when I feel like that. We ended up watching a Netflix movie called Spectral, which was ok. Different anyway.

This morning, I kind of got to work early and I’m motivated except… I left my laptop charger at home, which sucks. I have a comp for work but I bring my personal for my side jobs. It is always something, man. Always.


Spell out your name? I guess I can do that. I have 11 bills in my queue and my boss told me last week, in a particularly calm tone, to NOT PANIC, if and when I see 20, 30 bills magically show up this week. It’s early file deadline time. So perhaps it is good I haven’t got my laptop charger; I am busy! but for now, let’s go with my name because it is short. Out of nowhere I decided I’d do Doobie Brothers songs so here you go!


Listen to the music

Another Park, Another Sunday

It Keeps You Running

Real Love

Echoes of Love

7 thoughts on “MMMM + Where did the weekend go?

  1. I couldn’t see the prompt to play the songs. Bummer…maybe, because I’m in Canada?? It sucks when one has pain and can’t do what we wish we could or always used to do. I hope it clears up and you can run and enjoy all you do. My friend takes turmeric, drs told her to try it and she is doing so much better! Who knows..maybe something like that can help. I hVe chronic pain, I every joint, so I feel bad when someone suffers. Hopefully, it’ll get worked out.

  2. I couldn’t see any of the videos but I’m a fan of the Doobie Brothers and had their greatest hits album (vinyl-dating myself) so I can play them in my head. These are all songs I like! Hope you can resolve your hip issue. Alana ramblinwitham

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