Random Tuesday – Meal prep, weird dreams, diversion to stay sane

  • As a follow-up to my bad Monday mood, thinking my friends were leaving me out, turns out they didn’t have any dinner plans for my friend’s birthday but since, we’ve chatted about making some. I should probably stop assuming people are always being underhanded. If they’re anything like me (and they probably are) then they’re too busy with kids and husbands and work and households to do anything backstabby anyway.
  • I mentioned we watched The Menu the other night and man, what an insane and surprising movie. I really knew nothing about it then about 20 minutes in, I was asking myself, “Is this a murder mystery?” Not quite but it is one crazy ride until the end. It doesn’t have a lot of rewatchability but it was worth my hour and forty seven minutes!
  • I am making two kinds of chili tonight: one for my husband that includes just a can of tomato sauce mixed with seasoning and a can of kidney beans. He’s basic. The other is a white chicken chili for the rest of us. It’s a risk I’m taking but I do think the kids will like it. A friend of mine told me her kids put it on tortillas and top with cheese and how have I never thought of that?
  • Is anyone else watching 1923? If I had one complaint it’s that the pacing is weird. And the Indian storyline is DUMB. I know what they’re trying to accomplish but it feels superfluous. There’s also a hint of this current thing people do in Hollywood where they take today’s views on an issue and apply it to a historical story and that bothers me. I feel like Taylor Sheridan was good about not doing that in 1883 but he’s veered a little liberal with this story. But overall, there are aspects I enjoy. Spencer is the best character so far and I am eagerly awaiting the next part of his story. I think it’s going to kick ass.
  • This pulled muscle on my right side is so bothersome; it’s tight from my hip right up to my neck and just walking around hurts. Sigh. I had better go back to more intentional stretching!
  • Want to hear about this really weird dream I had? Hard to explain but I think there may be something underlying here. I was watching a couple on a date (sort of like watching a movie) and they were lying in a bed and the woman was quite aggressive. She wanted to bite the man and suddenly, he was paying her large bills not to kill him but rather, he was literally slicing bits of his body, starting at his foot and working up his leg. He was carving himself apart to appease her. And each slice of his body came off looking like sushi. I do watch a lot of sushi prep videos on instagram so perhaps it came from that. But by the time I woke up, the man had only half a leg left because he’d literally carved it all off and fed it to her. How weird, right? Am I broken?? What does it mean?
  • Last night I decided to take everyone out to eat. We agreed upon Walk-ons, which has been hit or miss in the past. Last night it was hit with a miss. We all enjoyed our food, our waitress was great, but Ash’s food took forever. Someone took his order from the window for another table so they had to remake it. But they did comp that meal so no complaints. It was a really nice time with the family where no one complained. I don’t know what compelled me to begin the week with going out but so be it. I have meal plans for the rest of it though.
  • Getting busier at work, what with early file deadlines and stuff before session kicks off. Diversion of the week: Chris Motionless from Motionless in White. When we saw them live, he was something else, I tell you. His vocals were on point and he’s a very enigmatic performer. Filling Pinterest with photos to fill in the gaps between super busy editing!

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Meal prep, weird dreams, diversion to stay sane

  1. Your dream is most weird. It’s weird how we dream about the craziest things.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

  2. That is a disturbing dream! I always think those kinds of dreams are brought on by multiple things mixing and matching – like the sushi prep plus whatever! Hope you have a great day!

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