Just some random things

Without our normal Hodgepodge this month, I’m left expelling random ideas that bounce around this already-cluttered brain of mine.

  • I left Twitter a while ago but recently figured I’d check it out since so many accounts are being reinstated, etc. Well, for some reason, I felt compelled to tweet that “Spinning” is a better Christopher Cross song than “Sailing”. I tagged him, of course, and he liked my tweet! Very cool.
  • Got into work this morning and our inner-office Skype won’t load for me. It’s pretty much how we know who is here or not, since a lot of people keep their doors closed while working. I’ve contacted House IT, obviously, but I feel like I should be able to figure this out and I am just feeling a little dumb.
  • We watched “Everything, Everywhere, All At Once” last night and wow! We are three for three on good movies we’ve seen lately. Which is crazy because for a while there, I feel like all the stuff we watched was just trash. But if you have time, watch that! It’s a little crazy, with this multiverse concept, but I definitely cried so there’s that…
  • Elliot has a game tonight and while Ash is taking him, I’m the one attending. He’ll go home and eat and take our daughter to her practice. It’s all so much, all the time. And that’s why that movie resonated with me; it does always feel like it’s everything, everywhere and we are always just trying to climb out of some hole to attain one moment of peace.
  • I forgot my chap-stick today and damn if I don’t have two dry spots on one side of my mouth. Sigh. Winter time, man. It sucks.
  • Not to veer off the light-hearted blogging trend but do you ever look at the stuff happening around us and wonder how much of it is meant to be a distraction? For example, Zelensky was on the Golden Globes last night. The ruler of a country that is currently at war was at… an award show. (OK, he did a recorded thing, but still.) I mean, doesn’t this seem odd to anyone? Also, if Damar Hamlin really did have a heart attack and they did CPR on him for 9 minutes, I feel bad for the guy BUT, something seems fishy. There’s no videos of him. They already released him and he probably would have had broken ribs. Chances are, he had a heart attack because of the vaccine but of course, they’ll brush that right under the rug. It all just seems a little too staged for my liking. And this is why I burrow further into my own interests and personal life. As Eddie Murphy said last night as he accepted a lifetime achievement award, “Mind your business.” Yes, sir!
  • One of my coworkers has taken it upon herself to make and perfect Cuban coffee in the office, in the absence of someone who used to work here and make it. Let me tell you: that stuff is amazing! If she’s going to make it every day though, I’ll skip my normal second cup of coffee and just have that.
  • My white chicken chili was a hit last night. I can’t take too much credit, as it was a box kit, but we did eat it on tortillas with cheese and it was fantastic. Isaac wasn’t too keen on it though he did eat it. The others kids went to town. Parenting win!
  • Speaking of food, I am ready for lunch but trying to hold out until later, since I plan to only eat that meal. I don’t want to give into concessions temptation so I hope the cafeteria has a lot of good sides today so I can fill up.

2 thoughts on “Just some random things

  1. I’m sitting here eating grapes . . .sort of hungry but also stress eating. Reading your comment about holding off on eating made me at least pause and think about why I am eating right now!

  2. You’re right, “Spinning” is better, mostly because of the rhythm pattern at the beginning.

    Mary must have a dozen Chap Sticks around (actually, they’re Burt’s Bees). I use Carmex or Blistex, which both moisturize better than ChapStick. But anyway, I know what it’s like…

    Love Cuban coffee, and the white chicken chili sounds great!

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