MMMM + January blues set in

I am trying REALLY hard not to feel down but I was this morning. My friend’s birthday is today and after I wished her such via text, I asked if she had anything planned. Sometimes with this friend group, I get unintentionally excluded. Yes, I do believe it is unintentional; they sort of go with the flow and if people are around, they do stuff but they don’t plan well. Anyway, I guess I was just feeling bad about potentially being left out but who knows. Maybe they’ll do a dinner or something.

Anyway, weekend. Hmm, let’s see. I left work and went home to change then went immediately back to Elliot’s soccer game. (Got home and Dakota was still in a bad mood from leaving her backpack but boy did she learn her lesson! I told her it doesn’t leave her back when she gets to the neighbors; it’s a part of her.) Anyway, for the game, this is the closest location he’ll have all season; it was Maclay and that private school is right up the road, about 8 minutes. Well, his team got their first win! They’ve tied four times and lost the rest so this was huge. Also because Maclay is notoriously good. That evening though, he was in a foul mood and didn’t play much so we made him do a three mile run after the game. Sounds harsh, I know, but knowing our son, this was the only way to turn his mood around. It definitely worked. After kids were in bed/upstairs, I’m sure we watched something but Lord help me, I cannot remember.

Saturday, I only got to sleep in about an hour because Dakota had a 9 am game and Elliot had to work so we were off to the fields. Koda’s team looks good but they’re disorganized so they lost. We played against a team we knew kids on so I talked to Rachel (the mom) during the game, and that was nice. Left there and went home to check the mouse traps. We’ve had various times when mice have gotten into the crawl space under the house and the traps do work. Sadly, we had 4 mice and a rat! Gross. Ash got them out and reset the traps, then ordered a whole other bait system. Goddamn rodents. We went to lunch after then I puttered around until gathering Elliot and then the EC folks for brew club came over so we could get some work done. Ended up drinking after and they left around 7. By then, I was just exhausted! Ash was talking to his friend from college and they ended up playing a card game online all evening so I dozed on and off; felt very lazy but then I thought, “I worked a lot today and maybe I just need the sleep.”

Sunday I woke up and started thinking about working. We got motivated to clean in our closet. We have this big storage area on the second floor but we also have an upper attic area that can house bins so we’ve put Halloween decorations and beer cans (we collect) up but need to put Xmas up there too. We had a lot of boxes of random crap in our walk-in closet so Ash went through it and got the area where the attic door is cleared so the ladder can go in. (We need a more permanent one, tbh). While we did not get the bins up, we’re ready to do that next. I vacuumed our room and cleaned my nightstand and bathroom. I did laundry and made lunch. Ash drank some beer but I was just not feeling it; in fact, I just felt full all day. Took my oldest to buy a new hoodie and we went to the store. I tried to nap during football but wasn’t all that tired so around 5 when Ash and Dakota went on a bike ride, I took a two mile run. Felt pretty good but I pulled something on my side. Probably hip flexor and I need to stretch but it’s pretty dang painful. In the evening, we watched 1923 (this show is going too slowly; I’m ready for Spencer to get home and clean house!) and then we watched The Menu, which is really good! A very unconventional movie but riveting. I didn’t even fall asleep!


This morning, I am trying to get out of my funk and it’s working so far: delving into necessary work and trying not to stress about the next four months. I got my rundown of the deadlines coming up prior to the start of session in March. But by May 5th, I’ll be done. Sounds like that night, I might just pass out and sleep for two days!

As you know, I am very much into the Yacht Rock and while I have posted this one before, it fits the bill for this week’s theme of the calendar or passage of time, etc.

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