Held together with tape and paper clips – barely

  • Another random post since there’s no ‘podge this week. I woke up with some serious sciatic nerve pain on my right side, my stomach is bugging me, and I’m exceedingly tired. Fun! Happy Wednesday! But I am here in the office, trying to get my mind right. There’s not much to do, seeing as it’s the week before Christmas (and we’re all off starting Friday) and my classes are all finished now too. Just have to make it through two days and I can be free!
  • I tried to be good this morning, though, by putting my vitamins in my bag and I took my apple cider vinegar/lemon juice before leaving. I remembered the coupon for Harry’s; Ash and I are meeting for lunch. I can walk there so maybe that’ll help my aching backside! Today should be fairly low key compared to yesterday though.
  • I picked up the kids, came home and immediately changed and went back out to Bumpa’s for dinner. They knew we were going to Santa but they didn’t know about dinner or seeing Avatar 2. So we did dinner, then saw Santa (my oldest finally bailed out; I knew the day would come) and then drove over to see the movie. I had forgotten why I don’t like going to newer movies… on 5 dollar Tuesday: everyone and their mom was there. There was literally a kid sitting in the row in front of us whose family let them watch a show on a phone…with the sound up! I asked them, at one point, to turn it down. I mean, come on. Then behind us, an entire family with small children talked almost the whole time. Next to me, a guy spoke Spanish loudly and checked his phone repeatedly. And then at one point, Ash took his phone out to see if there were going to be post-credit scenes and a guy from the movie theater (in a mask!) walked all the way up to tell him to put it away. I kid you not, he’d had it out maybe 15 seconds. I wanted to scream! Also, I hate people. It’s official.
  • But it’s the Christmas season so I need to focus on being positive and kind, right? People sure don’t make it easy! Even my own son had me stressed last night. When we got home (kind of late, maybe 10:45) he asked if he could get a ride to a friend’s house and I said it was too late. A minute later he asked if he could go if he had a ride. He has a friend up the road whose sister drives and he said she would take them to another kid’s house. To that I said yes. Except five minutes later I saw a camera notification and he was riding his bike! Presumably to the friend’s up the street but still, it’s about a mile and a half. I texted him to let me know when he arrived but of course, he didn’t. After 20 some minutes I called and called and then got my crap on to go looking for him. Maybe I am paranoid, I don’t know. One part of my brain said to trust and have faith in God that he made it. We live in a very safe neighborhood and he’s a smart kid. But another part of my brain panicked. Anyway, soon as I grabbed my keys and was about to go, he called. Luckily he called his father, who gave him a brief lecture about letting us know he isn’t dead in a ditch. When I woke up this morning, he’d texted me some time later to let me know he’s ok so even though I didn’t see it at 1:30 am, I felt good once I was up today!
  • I plan to wrap gifts tonight and watch some Christmas movies. I need a lowkey day, as noted, because I just feel put out. My plan on Friday is to get a pedicure first thing when the nail salon opens. I haven’t had one in quite a while, now that I’m at work all the dang time. I definitely miss working from home but accept that in order to get the pay and benefits, I had to go back to the office. I’m looking forward to getting my nails done though; maybe it’ll give me the impetus I need to finish up all this Christmas stuff so that Sunday is amazing for all.

4 thoughts on “Held together with tape and paper clips – barely

    1. My theory is that since everyone is so used to watching stuff at home now, they go to a theater and treat it like their living room! And I am also glad my son did the right thing. Though apparently his friend’s sister couldn’t drive them so they both ended up biking, at 11 pm, across the entire neighborhood!

    1. It’s one teaspoon lemon juice (we buy volcanic from amazon) and then 2 tsp of acv (Bragg, with ‘the mother’) and then top off with cold water, in a shot glass. I’d do it in that order too; it’s kind of nasty to drink but it works wonders for your gut!

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