MMMM + five day recap

Let’s see …what did I do the last five days? A lot! I was ever so thankful to have Wednesday off. Dakota and I ran a couple miles and I ran into the grocery store for a couple last minute items. No, wait, reverse those. I went to Publix early to avoid people. Got to work cleaning up around the house and prepping some food stuff like deviled eggs, pies, and that night’s meal, a lasagna. Parents got into town maybe around 2 so we hung around until dinner and enjoyed some soccer on tv, chatted, etc…

Thursday morning we all woke and dressed for the Turkey Trot, my parents leaving a bit later to come watch. Isaac finished fastest at just under 27 mins, then Elliot, then Dakota. Ash and I did the 10k and I don’t know what it is about me but I can run a 57 minute hilly 6.3 in my neighborhood but when I get to race day, I never feel right. Ugh. Oh well. Came home and got the bird in the oven then sat for a bit; watched the parade and soccer then later, football. The meal came out really well! Mac and cornbread better than normal and my mom’s brussel sprouts were awesome. Oddly enough, I didn’t feel too full even though I know I ate too much. We spent a little time outside but it wasn’t a nice day. Overcast and just kind of icky.

Friday was the same garbage weather. My parents ran some errands around town but I stayed in until later when they wanted to go to the FSU store. We watched the England/US game, which was boring, then I made guac and later, tacos. We watched the FSU game, thankfully getting a win over Florida, and went to bed!

To be honest, when my parents left Saturday after breakfast, it was time. The third day is always when I feel a little exasperated and I think my mom was irritated with us by Friday anyway. They left around 930 and we started taking down the old patio lights and putting up some new ones. I clipped hedges and the kids helped moved the branches. Later on, I went to Bealls and Fresh Market alone, which was kind of nice actually. Made leftovers for everyone then basically watched soccer all day. Again, not really nice weather at all. Actually kind of warm. Was supposed to rain in the evening but it didn’t so we all ended up taking a walk around 7, which was nice and a much needed get out of the house activity. I mean, my kids had been off since the Friday before! Such a long break. We came home and watched Christmas Vacation.

I feel as if the main two things I did on this mini break were eat and sleep. No real complaints I guess! I did put the tree up Saturday afternoon and we put some ornaments on it here and there, finishing yesterday. I still have some more I could add though. We were lax about bedtimes and rules in general with the kids but now it’s time to go back to normal. My oldest woke up on time today though and got himself out by 630! I got myself out the door on time and into the office by 7:40, only to see I’d forgotten to grade one thing for one of my courses and then, I am missing one of my online sections. It was there last week and has since disappeared. Plus, it won’t let me enter my time for this main job. Sigh. Happy friggen’ Monday, right??


Again, we are visiting the grateful theme. I am not too blind to realize that while I complain a lot and feel exasperated, I am still really grateful for everything I have. As above, if for some reason I only get one course this next term, that’s still money I didn’t have before. I won’t really know my monthly income until I get this first full paycheck at the end of the month so there’s this big question mark. But I am trying to get myself into that thankful mindset, especially with the Christmas season upon us. I scoured the net for thankful songs and could only find this one, which I actually think has good lyrics.

5 thoughts on “MMMM + five day recap

  1. Getting paid once a month sicks because you gave to really ration out your cash expenses like groceries. You gad an eventful holiday and glad you could rest. I enjoyed the song and he clearly loves Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly from the dance stuff he did.

  2. As much as one enjoys visitors, the “fish and guests after three days” saying has a lot of truth in it. I hope the pay, when you receive it, is worth the effort you put into the work. I sometimes forgot how grateful I should be for what I have. I enjoyed the video, especially the antics of the singer while he was singing. Alana ramblinwitham

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