Random Tuesday – Fall may actually be here

  • I’ve been letting go of one meal a day lately and having two – usually a smaller keto meal then a larger meal and usually within a 6 hour window. But today I thought I’d try a longer fast and one meal but man do I want to eat!
  • I got a lot done on my to-do list Monday. Kids had a teacher work day so nothing about timing was conventional but I made it work. I did have to drive to the high school 3 times, which was kind of annoying. Today I only have to go once (out and back, of course). But I also have to: acquire kid from piano, then get to the house to drop her off and get my son to go to the high school. Then I go back home to get my daughter for dance then straight to the middle school for my middle kid. I then have to go back to the high school for my oldest then snag my daughter after. THEN I make dinner!
  • I made a list of things to do this week while I have “free time” but it’s becoming apparent I may not get it all done!
  • But checking things off the list does help me move forward.
  • So, I review places for Google maps and I hadn’t gone anywhere new in a while so it suggested I review Bonefish from the other night. People on a Facebook food review group I’m in had really complained about having crappy meals there so I was kind and fair in mine (4/5 stars) but then it suggested Trader Joe’s and well, I couldn’t be nice there; last time I popped in I remember why I never go. I hate that place! Plus, they didn’t even have the one thing I was looking for!
  • I mentioned that we’ve had cool mornings but it still will get 80-85 in the afternoon but today, our high is only 66 and tomorrow, we see temps in the high 30s/low 40s! Kind of early for that but this year has been unconventional. June was HOT and that was not normal. Especially since it’s normally July and August that are hottest and they were just ok. Might be that Halloween is actually cold this year.
  • I love that I took this week to catch up and whatnot but I have to admit that it’s putting me in an “I don’t want to go to work” mindset and that’s both not like me and frustrating because I know it will be hard to overcome. But I shall buckle down and tackle the new job head on, as I do most all other things.
  • I had trouble sleeping Sunday night so last night I tried different things, such as going in earlier, stopping food around 6 (I chose dinner last night instead of lunch), and really focusing on being calm. I also wished for good dreams and I guess you could say I had them. My all-time favorite wrestler made an appearance, which is amusing since I don’t even make time to watch anymore.
  • OK, time to go and teach my students. I wish I didn’t have to but I made a commitment and you can’t quit mid-semester!

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