MMMM + I thought I posted Friday but apparently I did not

No, I had a 3 hour shift – the last one there – so I spent half of it getting stuff done and the other half talking to the people I actually liked. Ash and I went to Maria Maria for lunch then to Costco and then just hung around the house until Elliot’s Friday night game. His team decided to play in the Meadows tournament, even though they hadn’t planned to. The lost 1-0 and they shouldn’t have; that team wasn’t amazing.

Saturday was pretty busy – lots of stuff! I took Elliot up to work around 8 and then picked him back up around 9:30 so he could get ready for his next two games (11 and 2). We didn’t watch the 11 because Isaac had a flag game next door. They got obliterated by the other team but the competition was unfair. I won’t go further than that but hey, you can’t win them all. We came home for a little in between then Ash and I went back for Ell’s 2 pm game. They beat the 11 o’clock opponent and then killed the last team 4-0. They actually ended up taking silver in this tournament because the team they tied with beat them 1-0 the night before. Sigh! Oh well. It didn’t matter anyway.

For some reason, when we got home my husband was just in a bad mood. We had reservation for our anniversary at 5 but he was just feeling stressed. Then he went to get dressed for it and was annoyed that his clothes didn’t look right and then he found a small stain on his shirt and was just frustrated. I personally think he was a bit hasty in canceling the reservation. It’s funny because I say stuff like “I wish everyone would just leave me alone!” all the time but he rarely does. So when he said it, I thought I might just take a drive in the neighborhood to give him space. Then the kids – and he – all thought I was, like running away. LOL. Too funny. I just needed some time too. As we all do from time to time. I was back in 20 minutes and my husband had cooled down and we decided to go up to Bonefish instead. And it was a nice meal! We picked up donuts after and then sat and watched the FSU game. So the evening was not a total bust and we’ll go back to the other restaurant when we have more time and he has gotten some new clothes.

He had to leave Sunday morning for a conference so we got him all ready and then once he headed out, I picked up Elliot from his friend’s house and then we all went out to buy new soccer balls and drop Elliot off at another friend’s house. In the afternoon, we watched football and around 4, I decided we’d go to Total Wine and peruse then get Mexican. Ash and Ell don’t normally want it anymore so that worked out. Isaac went and played with his friends and Dakota and I took about a mile walk in the neighborhood. When Isaac got back we watched a little football and I went to bed, though I did NOT sleep well at all. My left leg has been hurting since the last race but then, my right side sciatic nerve was acting up so I could not get comfy to save my life. But I feel ok this morning.

We took Dakota to Lincoln for a one-day cheer leading clinic and now I am cleaning. I feel like this house has gotten so junky! We have four boxes of stuff claimed from my grandpa’s house in the living room; we have pallets of old beer cans that were his collection taking up most of the game room; the rugs needs to be vacuumed; my junk pile in the kitchen has gotten out of hand. I will say, we got a lot of brewing equipment cleaned the other day when we transferred the two cubes of red ale. That’s been on my to-do list FOREVER. Ok, well, since the last time Ash went out of town (right around the time of Hurricane Ian.)

It’s beautiful weather lately: 60s in the AM and only low to mid 80s in the afternoon. Our Wednesday low is supposed to be 37! I have the sliding door open right now, yacht rock playing, and I am trying to get myself going on this cleaning!


OK artists with ties to Italy? Hmmm… I’m picking the only one that came to mind right away. I did like this song when it came out!

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