Wednesday musings

Our normal Hodgepodge host hurt her arm and is (hopefully) on the mend so in the meantime, you get more of my random rambling.

Tuesday morning, while about to post my Random, I clicked on WordPress’s suggested similar post and it was from 2006. I got caught up in reading my thoughts from August of that year and wow! How different my life was back then. I didn’t even have kids then! My husband was out of town and I was left to my own devices and taking care of three dogs. I spent my off-work hours eating and watching movies. Time was so free and yet, I complained about not getting enough done. How my scope of things has changed!

On Monday, I chose Fields of Gold by Sting to fulfill the theme and later that afternoon, when I stopped into the store, they were playing that song! How random is that??

I’m happy to be off today; well, as “off work” as can be expected because I do have a lot of grading to do and I ran errands mid-day, did a bunch of cleaning. I feel super motivated to do stuff but really, not to grade. I have to but ::whine:: I don’t want at all.

I run 12 miles on Saturday in a trail race and I am not feeling particularly good about it. But today, I am trying my best to be chill, to appreciate not having to go to work. Not that I don’t like work but I have hit a snag. I don’t particularly want to teach face to face anymore and sometimes tutoring can be a drag. Part of it is being on the (possible) precipice of a new job. It would be so different but ultimately better. I really need something I can count on because as this country gets further into a recession, I do not want to put us in a spot where we are too affected. The interview went very well so we shall see!

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