Random Tuesday – Musing on Fall, JOBS, this crazy time in our lives

  • I’m writing this on Monday and I have a lot going through my head. I was in a bad mood Sunday afternoon and I can’t figure out why; it’s my favorite time of year. I guess it’s because there’s so much up in the air right now. I have money now but it’s not going to be consistent forever so I am back to the drawing board on looking for jobs. I have an interview today for an advising position here at the college and tomorrow, I have one for an editor position within the house of representatives. My friend works on the other side of the floor for the senate, same job. She says it’s great; not great pay but she said the benefits package and comp time = 30k a year so maybe that IS good after all? She says she has a lot of downtime so maybe I can keep my online teaching stuff too. All I know is: I’d love to have one full time job that isn’t work intensive all the time and then teach online on the side. Knowing a paycheck will always come in at the same amount every two weeks would really be a bonus!
  • It really is my favorite time of year though. As much as I enjoy warmth and high summer (the sounds, the overall feeling of it) Fall feels right too. I went out onto the deck with my two younger kids on Sunday evening and we just sort of took in the cool air, the purple sunset, and how quiet it seemed. The loud summer bugs have calmed down now and even though Fall is a busy time for us, the world around seems…content. Ash said he wants to take a lot of walks this week before we do our 12 mile run Saturday and I do want to; not sure when we will have time, to be honest, but it would be nice to do. The one we took Friday evening was amazing. As busy as we are, I need to make time for those kinds of activities that help you reset your mind and work your body.
  • I’d like to say I feel badly for how it ended with the neighbors (see Monday’s LONG post) but I actually feel kind of free. I told them how I felt, I didn’t try to apologize my way through it like I normally do, and to be honest, I was looking for ways to not have to talk to the guy again anyway. While I feel badly that Dakota may not get to be friends with the little girl anymore, at least outside of school, sometimes people are not meant to stay in your life. I think about how many kids my boys no longer associate with and I don’t lose sleep over it. They made their choices and chose not to hang out with those kids anymore. This time was different because it was based on our friendship before the girls’. May be one good reason to keep your children’s friends’ parents at arm’s length.
  • OK it is Tuesday now and I have already been slammed. Elliot’s bus does this thing where she runs the route backwards so instead of getting him at 6:45, she comes at 6:25. He normally gets to the stop around 6:30 so he just missed it. I took him, then had to hustle and get ready so I could get gas then get to work. I have 2 hours here, then teach back to back, then go home to change and go to the capitol where I have that other job interview. And if all works out, I will hopefully have an interview for a job at DOT doing contracts. That’s the one I really want, since it pays the most. We need a third car here in the next year and this would help a lot!
  • All this just reminds me of how BUSY everything is right now. If you looked at my calendar you’d ask when I have time to eat or even breathe! Eating today, I have to say, might be interesting. I have that interview then I have to run home and then out again at 5 so there will be a sliver of time for it. I don’t like eating late anymore so that’s not really an option. It’s all about balance. We took a long walk last night and my daughter was sad she didn’t see me and I had to explain that I have to squeeze all these things into one day and sometimes some of those things have to be for me.
  • In actual random and interesting news, we have been keeping up with Rings of Power and House of Dragons and they’re finally getting good. I know people want to hate on those shows but eh, I’m liking them. I’m not like, number one fan or anything, but they’re entertaining enough. In all reality, I’m just biding my time until Yellowstone comes back. Because… Rip!

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Musing on Fall, JOBS, this crazy time in our lives

  1. Sometimes people are not to remain in your life. I so get that. Lots have gone by the wayside for me too. I kept all the good ones though.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. ♥

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