Friday Five – started on Thursday, cool mornings, sigh of relief

  1. (Thursday) I’m home for another 30 minutes before going to class, though I can tell you that I doubt a lot of students will be there. TCC was right not to cancel school because we honestly got so little of Ian. We did get some wind and it’s cool now but it didn’t warrant kids not having class. So yes, I plan to struggle through explaining the next paper to however many kids show up then head on home, where I will have to take care of my daughter who is sick – but not too sick. She woke up ok but then suddenly did not feel well at all and was running about a 99 degree fever. She got back in bed around 7:30 and slept until 9:30. She woke from her nap feeling good but then started feeling icky again. Here’s hoping she can kick this today – and that no one else gets it!
  2. These cooler mornings are wonderful for morale-boosting. I’d like to get some yardwork done while the weather is nice but we’ll see. One thing we will do is prep to brew on Saturday. Isaac has an 8:30 flag game and I’ll take Elliot as well, so he can ref all the games, since he has no soccer this weekend. We have people coming over when we brew, specifically, this kid (he’s 22) we know. He’s one of Ash’s friend’s kids and we’ve known him forever but he wants to see the brewing process. Some other friends may come as well; then around 5 we have been invited to a party for someone else we know through brew club. It could be fun or a shit show – who knows?!?
  3. I got a little behind in one of my classes and the chair of the department keeps saying kids ask him why they can’t reach me but in that, I have answered all emails! It’s incredibly frustrating that I keep getting into these situations but I am trying to keep up so much. I mean, I am really putting in the effort so it’s annoying when I still get a bit behind. Maybe I am not as on top of stuff as I originally thought and I need to reorganize my time-management.
  4. I told you how my left eye seems to be rather blurry in spots, which is highly depressing. I am going to make an eye doctor appointment but in the meantime, I started taking Preservision (macular degeneration runs in the family) and I even began wearing my glasses again. So, my sunglasses are RX so I wear those almost everywhere but at home, I wasn’t wearing any because I need them for distance. Well, turns out they really do help and they lessen the noticeability of the blur. The only real problem I have is when I’m on my computer because they make that worse. Guess I should pick up some readers?
  5. Not that you should know (I grew up in a time where it was uncouth to discuss money matters), but I finally have money again. I still have the problem of unstable income because, you know, TEACHING, but I applied for this job at DOT. My husband works there and the job is processing contracts (I applied for a similar position recently, elsewhere) and it’s actually a job I applied and interviewed for over a year ago. The woman hiring has worked with Ash for years and I know her fairly well. She hired one woman who then quit then another woman who quit so the lady has been doing these herself for a while and is fed up. She’s desperate now and just wants someone who won’t bail. Do I WANT to go back to full time office work? Oh, not really AT ALL but I do want a stable income and this job pays enough. I mean, I’d keep a couple of my side teaching hustles but this would really help! So pray for me all and have a good weekend!

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