Random Tuesday – Not gonna lie: I am ready for the Fall semester

  • I can’t help but feel that something hangs in the balance and I really hate that feeling. But I also saw a pin on pinterest that said something to the effect of: you’re only one moment away from something good happening at any time. Something like that. And you know, if you have the right attitude, you can see that good thing coming. Or heck, bring it to you. Ash’s mom always said that if you choose positivity, positive things will come to you.
  • I mentioned that I have this odd suspicion that my friends are snubbing me. I am sure I am being paranoid, especially since I had a long text conversation with one of them the other day and it was jovial, etc. But a few times now, they’ve hung out without inviting us. Now, here’s my rationale: Courtney is inviting Tiffanie and if she goes over, it’s either just her or one kid, who is 16. So it’s easier. If they invite us, it’s five people. So in that way, I get it. Also, Tiff is bad about inviting anyone. She just doesn’t think of it and that’s not me making excuses for her; we talked about it a ton over covid when she and I hung out all the time without Courtney. So I don’t know; it makes me feel bad but I shouldn’t. This weekend, when I knew they were together, we already had plans with other people at the same time, so it didn’t even matter. But STILL. Still. I think maybe when I think I can afford it, I will send a text about having a girls’ night; just dinner maybe.
  • One way I’ve been trying to turn my mood around is in being thankful to those who have helped me. I am TERRIBLE at telling people how I feel but I’ve been better at sending honest texts to both my mom and my husband, telling them how much I appreciate them. Face to face with that stuff is hard for me but I can type it!
  • I made myself run on Sunday, because it is almost training season and I figured the endorphin rush would help. It did, but the run itself felt difficult. I remembered though, in the moment, how this is always how it is: I take a long break after a bunch of races and have to get my body back to the shape it was once in. It doesn’t take long but those first few runs are depressing.
  • I also made myself run this morning and ok, it really did help even though at the time, it felt like a rough run. I am not into any bands right now so whatever came on my ipod was just “meh” and I had to deal with it. I wasn’t really feeling it. I remember how awesome my runs were just this past December/January so I need to channel that during these first few runs back at it so I can get to that place. Otherwise, I will just make excuses to lay in bed a bit longer.
  • It doesn’t help that my lower back has been killing me. I am still maintaining a much lower weight than ever before and yet, I am sore. I blame yardwork, personally. I was bending over, clipping overgrowth, and now I am paying for it!
  • I am so very ready for Fall to begin. I know that’s awful – that I am trying to rush through summer break but I need to go back to our normal routine. The kids have the rest of this week at camp then just one more before they go back to school. Well, ok there’s one non-camp week and they are gonna be BORED at home but oh well! I think I am just ready to dive into the schedule: they will be back to riding buses to school and having all that to keep them busy. They’ll be back to sports and activities and I will be teaching again. TCC begins a week after the kids go back and then my other courses, soon after that. I just need to organize my life around that once more.
  • OK, one happy thing to finish this post!

4 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Not gonna lie: I am ready for the Fall semester

  1. We all have our ups and downs. Hang in there and often our moods either turn off or on others response to us.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday. 🙂

  2. Oh, yard work will do that! How did you run with your back hurting? I totally get wanting to get back to your routine! Blogging is a good outlet for shifts in mood. Thanks for visiting me!

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