Random thoughts, observations, complaints

These are literally just things that have popped into my brain lately. Figure Random Tuesday is the best venue.

  • The people who bring their own lunches from home, at this here new job, all seem to be more thin and in shape. Conversely, the very overweight folks ALWAYS order food. Methinks there may be a correlation. I’m not one to judge peoples’ choices (look, I drink a lot of beer) but tht’s just an interesting observation.
  • I have begun thinking about when I shall start race training. I want to do the Pine Run in early October (12 miles) and a half at the end of October. My concern is that I’m not into any music now. However, it seems I always discover and get really into a band just before I head into training. It always seems to happen organically but now that I am aware of it, I feel like I am pushing it more – starting to look for someone to delve into.
  • In the same vein as I feel like I want to be free to spend some money again, I want plans – I want someone to say, “Hey, the new Ology Northside is opening, want to go tonight?” Even though I don’t care for their beer, I want the freedom to just run off an have fun. On top of having little money, my husband has been sick so that’s a damper on stuff. Admittedly, it was nice making a taco meal for me and my son. I still got the satisfaction of doing my motherly/wifely duty of cooking.
  • Funny; I started this post last week on Wednesday and we DID end up getting invited to the new Ology opening on Saturday. How odd is that??
  • I obsessed over something the other night for the dumbest reasons. I saw some photos of everyone from my friend group going out somewhere. One dumb thing was that we were obviously not going anyway; Ash was still under the weather and it was at the Rez, which is the college hangout place that they all like but we don’t. (It’s a little place by a lake with volleyball and picnic pavilions, etc.) So I started to wonder why we didn’t even get an invite but then I began piecing it together: it was not run by Courtney or Tiffanie but by one of our tangential friends who is friends with them. Secondly, it looked like it was for the boy group that my son isn’t truly in, since he is at another school. Sure, he knows them and has known Courtney’s son since birth but he is not in THAT circle. Then I began looking again at the pics and neither Courtney nor her husband were there. They ended up sick also so it wasn’t one big friend thing that we didn’t get invited to after all. Felt a little better after that. I texted her to see how she was doing and we had a nice conversation. I somehow thought they were trying to cut us out!
  • Come to think of it, even though Tayden was there, his parents were not either so again, it wasn’t what I thought. I just began thinking we were being ousted. Ash told me not to stress about it; friend groups can be complicated and by the time you are our age, it’s even murkier, simply because not everyone can always get together and things always shift, etc. Not like when you’re in high school and free and open all the time.
  • I was thinking about dumping this one section I got at North Central State college but then I started to feel a little greedy. They just gave adjuncts a quick 200 for sticking around and then they are raising our pay. So I guess I won’t dump them just yet. I think the only thing I MUST do is adjust my W2s. Even though I have all of them taking out the most they can, I still end up owing. So something is not right. Either that or I just have to set money aside.
  • I really need one day off by myself in the house to get a lot of cleaning done. I was realizing that when we first moved into this house four years ago, I stayed on top of the cleaning so well because it had just ben stripped down to empty and professionally cleaned. It’s easy when you have that to work with. But with three kids and, you know, life happening all the time, it is difficult keeping up.
  • This next weekend we have zero plans so maybe then I can set aside some time. The weekend after we are going to Dunedin and the Saturday after that, our World of Beer is having their first beer fest. I think it might be a little hobo (having now gone to a few festivals, we know what is ‘good’ and what is just so-so) but we are definitely going. One thing I like about theirs is that it is starting early. Like 10 am early. It ends around 2 or 3. This is amazing for recovering before bed. I find that if I drink late (even 7:30 PM) I don’t sleep well at all.
  • My son seems obsessed with ordering food delivery now that he’s making money. Though he’s not working for the city right now, he babysat and then he’s about to mow the neighbors’ lawn again. But most days, he begs me to order food. In general, I am vehemently against that. I know it makes me sound strict and bougie or whatever but I think one of the worst things our society does in our current age is sit at home, watching screens and eating. And the delivery services make it easier. Well, yesterday, he ran early on then did a bunch of yardwork and my husband told him he could order. That’s the exact kind of situation I love as a parent because I wasn’t the one to grant permission. I am normally the one who cracks first and then he’ll judge me but in this case, I don’t care! If dad said yes then by all means, blow your money. It came back to haunt him anyway because her ordered spicy chicken and did not feel well later!
  • And one final little funny thing that I found. I identify with this! But replace pool with beach.

3 thoughts on “Random thoughts, observations, complaints

  1. Love your random thoughts and observations. I’ve noticed that eating lunch out does make for poor choices in food and weight gain. We tend to eat our own food and don’t have that problem.

    You made me laugh with the house cleaning. It’s just the two of us and I can barely keep up. Adding kids in the mix would make it impossible.

    Thank you for joining the Happy Tuesday Blog Hop. ♥

    Have a fabulous Happy Tuesday.

  2. It amazes me how often our adult children use door dash or grub hub. It gets expensive fast! I like eating out a few times a week for dinner, but it’s better for my weight if we cook at home!

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