MMMM + Not a bad little weekend

I walked into work today and noted that it is more arctic than usual so that’s a fun way to start my day. LOL. I did enjoy my weekend though, even if my husband was still recovering.

So let me think back; we didn’t do much on Friday other than go to eat. We drove across town to our favorite Mexican place but they decided to close for a week for vacation. I am all for letting the owners take a vaycay or whatnot but you keep your doors open! Anyway, we ended up at what we call the last local place – Bumpa’s. I know there are others but not places I want to eat at.

The next morning, I hit the store early for a couple things I’d forgotten then Ash and I went to Isaac’s end-of-music camp performance on campus. It was nice; they had three different skill level bands play and then we walked back to his dorm, got his stuff, and came home. Soon as I got home, I began on Ash’s belated birthday dinner, which I have mentioned before is just a Thanksgiving meal. It all turned out really well too, which is awesome. He was feeling pretty over his sickness by then too so we had a couple beers and ate. A little later in the evening, some friends of ours asked if we wanted to go to the newest location for one of our breweries and we met them up there for a couple hours.

Sunday was a bit relaxed but not really; I took Elliot to a babysitting job which was…interesting. Someone I knew from grad school recently began fostering a five year old boy and she and her husband feel a little burned out so they wanted someone to just spend time with him. The parents were home but they needed a break. So I left him there until 2 and in the meantime, did laundry and then my daughter got back home from a weekend at grandma and papa’s. My parents have to go back down South to help out with my ailing grandfather so it was on their way. In the afternoon, I got my oldest then went to the store and picked up Mexican food for ME. No one else seems to want it anymore so it was a special “me meal”. In the evening, I made dinner for the kids and Ash and I watched The Fugitive, because it’s been a long time since we’d seen it. Still a great 90s movie.

Everything was back to “normal” today; normal for summer anyway. I went to work, the kids are back in camp, and my husband and son did their normal Monday morning run. The only different thing is my husband is going into work later today to make up hours from being sick last week, I guess. I don’t know the deal but he is going much later. I plan to hit the store then get home and make him some keto food beforehand then plan a kid meal and get them. All in all, I am feeling pretty stable. Though I got an email from one of my jobs saying I didn’t participate in the first week discussion and I immediately felt like, “Oh no, I messed up”, then I looked at the two courses they referenced and they are not even mine! First, I am only teaching one and second, they mentioned two IT courses. So it’s a case of mistaken identity, methinks. Sigh.


OK, songs for a 30th birthday, from the year I was turning 30. That would be 2009, which was not a great year for music, lets be honest.

I chose these few because they’re the best of the trash. LOL.

A word of note about this one: I don’t care for Miley at all but my husband makes a video full of the year’s photos for every kid’s birthday and this one is in my oldest son’s second video. So it has special meaning in that way.

5 thoughts on “MMMM + Not a bad little weekend

  1. I don’t know any of these songs. No surprise there. I’m old.

    I hate it when you have your taste buds set for a certain kind of food and they place is closed. That happened to us this past weekend.

    Have a fabulous day and week filled with wonderful music. ♥

  2. I surprised myself – I knew one of these! (Lady Gaga). Of the two new ones: The Owl City song was pleasant. Miley Cyrus – oh the two sides of her. Not a real fan overall but I liked this side a lot better than the Wrecking Ball side of her. Call me old fashioned – I don’t care. Alana ramblinwitham

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