Friday Five – A strange new feeling

  1. Writing this on Thursday; 3:50 PM and I have an interview in five minutes! I feel pretty good but I am a little nervous. It’s also pouring rain and my kids are in the next room playing some ball game and they’re really loud. This is a test, I know it. On top of it, my husband is going out to dinner with friends and this storm is insane. So if God is testing me, I am praying to him now to keep him safe.
  2. I am DEFINITELY ready to relax. I just have to get myself into the right frame of mind. I am really bad at sitting and doing very little. I was thinking about it the other night; if there’s premier league on this weekend, I want to watch but I can see myself getting up a lot because I feel like I can’t just sit and veg; I have to be doing something the whole time.
  3. Just as the interview began, only one woman came on to tell me they’d just lost power on the other floors so the other two ladies couldn’t connect. So they’re going to reschedule me for next week. Sigh. Would rather have gotten it over with but as a positive spin, maybe I wasn’t going to do well and that was a gift.
  4. The storm was restorative; after it passed, maybe around 8ish, we got a nice orangey glow sunset and when I looked out at it, I saw more fireflies in the yard than ever before! They were everywhere! The air had turned cool and the whole yard was alright with little yellow flashes.
  5. As it got darker, and the lightning bugs dissipated, I went back to my chair and experienced a rare emotion: actual happiness. I was giddy, having seen those little lights. I’d bemoaned missing them and the bunnies, then I got both in one day! Normally, I’m either stressed, disgruntled, or at best, content. But I was actually happy after that. And today, I woke feeling much better than I have in a long time! (Also, my friends got their acts together and are hosting a Memorial Day cookout Monday. I’m so excited!)

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