Thursday 13 – An observant life indeed

My lists just keep being random observations but I have a lot of time to think about stuff while at this job.

  1. Since I started back in an office I’ve been entertained by the people here who are still living in Covid times in their minds. The facility offers masks and sanitizer and all these sprays and I chuckle a little every time people maniacally wipe down areas. For one, it’s probably not spreading on a surface anyway and two, if you get rid of ALL the germs, our bodies don’t learn to build tolerance, hence, making you more sick in the future. Any time I have had someone also apologize for not putting their mask on before coming in my learning area I assure them I did not care one iota.
  2. I still have not seen any fireflies and I just can’t figure out why. It’s usually in late May they show up, in the late evening hours before the sun is truly gone but it’s still warm out. There’s a dark area beyond my easement and I typically spot them there. Maybe soon.
  3. I did, however, see my first backyard bunny this morning. We used to get a lot of them but recently, not so many. I assume it’s because our resident barred owls have been eating good in the neighborhood!
  4. I put the idea into my friends’ heads about maybe doing something for Memorial Day. I wasn’t inviting us, per se, but I asked who was around and then suggested doing something – though I cannot offer my pool because it isn’t clear. I have two friends who just put in pools so honestly, they’re obligated to start hosting. LOL. As of now, they haven’t said anything and I’m starting to stress about not having plans!
  5. The only thing I am going to say about the Texas school shooting is that more policy is not going to stop a crazy person.
  6. They are shutting down my new office on Friday for maintenance and since I am hourly, I cannot get paid for that 3.5 hours I work. I apparently can make it up somewhere between Wednesday and Thursday but I can’t really swing that either so I’m just out money. Sigh. However, I am not unhappy about getting days off.
  7. I forgot how awful fluorescent lights are. It’s been obvious since I came back to an office because after about an hour, my eyes get all blurry. It’s pretty crappy.
  8. I don’t get too emotional about my kids doing stuff that most everyone does, like finish another school year, but I was thinking about it for a minute and wow, I cannot believe I’m going to have a 4th grader, a 7th grader, and a high school sophomore! This just seems so old!
  9. Yesterday, I got an email from a woman about a job I applied for. My friend told me about it and it’s all remote, meeting planning. Basically, scheduling hotel stays and meeting rooms. I have an interview for it later today and I need luck here! It would mean steady pay and the ability to rework my life around that.
  10. I’ve whined a lot about my foul mood lately and someone mentioned talking to a doctor. I highly doubt it’s actual depression; I am a little too pragmatic to believe that I can’t turn it around myself. When we saw the rabbit this morning, my daughter said it was a good luck sign – that today was going to be really good and so would our whole summer. That honestly made my day. The rainy weather today is definitely not helping me but I’m trying to hold onto that moment this morning and use it to compel me to stay positive.
  11. The rainy weather always gets me down but dang, it’s particularly bad today. I just feel so damn out of sorts when I look out the window and see the dark clouds. My plan on Saturday, despite any plans we may or may not have, is to get outside and bake in the sun for a bit. My vitamin D levels seem dangerously low.
  12. As whiny as I have been and down in the dumps, I have this odd nagging feeling like something good is about to happen. I don’t know what it is but I just feel it. I remember Ash telling me once that his mom said how if you think positive thoughts or happy thoughts then you draw those good things to you. As in, you have to power to do so. Do I believe that? Not sure but it’s a good way to live your life, I think.
  13. I’ve noticed lately that I might be coming out of my music funk. Had a moment in the car last night where I enjoyed the songs that wee coming on.

One thought on “Thursday 13 – An observant life indeed

  1. I love to see bunnies in our neighborhood. I hate when I see one in the road “sleeping” . . . that is what my daughter would say when she was growing up. She couldn’t bear the thought that it might be dead.

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