Writer’s Workshop – Random relationship bits

1. Write a blog post listing 6 random facts about your relationship with your significant other.

  1. We both moved from our childhood homes in and around 9th grade. He moved from Ohio to Sarasota and I move from South Florida to Central. Had we not, we may not have met in college.
  2. While we seem to have dissimilar tastes in food, generally, when we rate beer in untappd, we almost always have similar numbers, without having looked at the other person’s rating!
  3. We work well because he’s the kind of person who has a very future plan and I have to work day to day; he’s good at setting up systems and I am best at maintaining. While it can be frustrating for us both, because we do work differently, it turns out in the end because someone is always covering all the bases.
  4. While we may not always like the same movies we do always come together on 80s action films. We once both made our top 100 movies of both the 80s and 90s and our top 10 was VERY similar.
  5. We definitely like different kinds of music but both agree that 80s rock had more heart than any new crap out today.
  6. Like most people, we get irritated by each other but always come back and stronger than ever.

3 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Random relationship bits

  1. My husband and I also have different taste in music and movies, but at least with music we can find a happy place in soft rock. šŸ™‚

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