Writer’s Workshop – Didn’t know this was still around!

I’ve been reading through old blog posts and I clicked on the linkup and didn’t even know this bloghop still happened! So I am picking this one:

2. Tell us about a time you left a negative review for something.

LOL very recently actually. We went to St. Augustine in April and hit all four of their breweries. None of them were AMAZING but one was worse than the others. Ancient City brewing got this review from me:

Building smells like sewage, beer is mediocre at best. Cool art for sale from local artists though.

Honestly, it was just icky. They are conveniently located near the historic district so location-wise, I bet they get so much traffic from tourists but the overwhelming bathroom smell was just too much. And the beer was trash; I make better beer than them! I don’t like giving negative reviews; the last one I gave before that was a local place that serves bar-type food and beer but they had none of the beers I tried to order and their prices were too high for the quality of food. And even though it was not a good experience, I tried to be positive about it and balance the good with the bad. I don’t tend to just straight cut a place and give them bad reviews!

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Didn’t know this was still around!

  1. Heyooo! This blog hop is still slowly trekking on! I love reading peoples reviews before visiting a place and honestly I think it keeps businesses from getting too complacent with their service. I definitely don’t want to visit a restaurant that smells like sewage!

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