MMMM + I need a break

It’s funny to think that I have only really been back to work for a week, because I really feel burned out. Not from the work itself, but more from the getting up/getting ready/driving in aspect. The job itself is pretty simple and affords me a lot of time to work on my other things. I’m not really complaining but when I got to this weekend, I realized the exhaustion that comes along with all of that that I haven’t felt in a long time since I have been working in an office.

Let’s go ahead and backtrack; I detailed a little bit of last week already. Wednesday and Thursday were busy taking kids to soccer and work and my husband had a work event that he went to. On Friday the boys’ last soccer tournament kicked off. My middle boy’s team lost to coach Dave’s team, which I kind of knew because I know that guy has good teams; and my oldest son’s team lost 6 to 5 to a very good team from Thomasville. We didn’t do much of anything after that, which made for a relaxing Friday night. Saturday morning, we had games at 9:30 and 11:00. Neither boy’s team won and the team that my oldest son played creamed us. It was pretty depressing leaving the field after that. We got home and I did a little bit of work around the house because my daughter had a piano recital a couple hours after that so we would get ready for that. The recital moved along quickly so that was not that painful. I picked up pizza and we sat around drinking beer and just relaxing because again, I felt really burned out.

Sunday morning we had an 8:00 a.m. game so we took my oldest to that and they lost again. It was definitely not a productive tournament for them, even though they won last week’s tournament. My middle boy had a 12:30 game so we came home, did things around here, got lunch going in the sous vide, and I got my laundry started. Took Isaac back to his game that they lost and we hightailed it out of there to rush home to finish up lunch, eat, and go to an event we had planned with our homebrew group. It was a lot of activity in one weekend and I honestly didn’t much feel like coming to work.

I will say, even though I have been working from home since Fall of 2019, I am finding a little joy in the process of coming into an office, setting up my laptop, and working on things simultaneously. I remember that when I did work in an office: once I have all my work tabs open, as well as my personal things, I like the work I can get done in both realms. I feel productive. I have to embrace it or else, I won’t be able to get through all this, emotionally. I can already feel myself on edge.


I guess the theme is a freebie this week? I couldn’t decipher it and maybe it’s too early and/or my coffee hasn’t begun it’s job yet.

Here’s a couple deep tracks from the depths of Yacht Rock.

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