Thursday 13 –

Five things currently bothering me and eight things I want to accomplish this summer and/or stuff we are doing that is going to be different!

  1. I had such a beautiful moment last night: after our lovely keto breakfast meal after a 48 hour fast, we had a couple beers. Ash went to a meeting and I carted kids around. I took my younger two to the playground and as they kicked a ball, I sat amongst the greenery and looked at the setting sun and felt really comfortable. All my stresses disappeared. I’ve been so stressed about money because I’ve done my budget for summer and it’s going to be tight. But in that moment everything was pretty good.
  2. And then we got home. After I took my son to practice we came home and then my husband went back out to get him and we realized that the air conditioning was blowing but it wasn’t cold. We opted not to call the company after hours and instead, my husband and I slept on the air mattress downstairs where we have a window unit. My night of sleep was okay and today I’m waiting on a call back from the company we use. Thoughts and prayers for a quick and easy fix. I can’t take much more of this stress.
  3. I know everything usually works out okay but I do this thing where my brain goes through every possible option for saving and/or making more money. That is why I have the extra tutoring online but in the summer that’s not really a thing as much. Besides, I don’t know when I would squeeze it in now that I’m at this other job.
  4. I’m actually struggling to come up with five frustrating things, which is surprising because as you can see, I’m pretty stressed about just the one thing. I guess I did apply for this other remote job which is basically a meeting plan or position. My friend had told me about it a couple weeks ago and it is still open so I went ahead and applied last night. I’m really hoping for it but not holding out; I don’t really have a lot of experience in that but I did work in an office for 13 years so let’s see. It is all remote but does require some travel but at this point I will do whatever they tell me to do.
  5. Why is it that every time things get good, the other shoe drops? Is that how God balances out the world?
  6. Around 8 Monday night, I got home from taking my boys to their soccer tryouts (they have to do this each season even though they are already on these teams) and my daughter was passed out, tired from her field trip. After I got them all situated into bed and had iron the shirts, I took a moment to look out into the yard, at the late Florida evening light slowly fading. That’s normally when I see rabbits or fireflies. Sadly, I saw neither. So each night, I want to take a look to spot my first of the season.
  7. On our Ohio trip, we’ll be looking out for craft beer we’ve never seen. I want to find a lot of cool ones to bring back and share with the group. To me, that’s one of the coolest things about beer: tasting and sharing with people who get it.
  8. On our beach trip, we plan to rent those pontoon boats with the slides. I hope we can get one – people been dragging their feet – but the kids might think that’s really cool!
  9. There’s this on-going bannister issue we’ve been thinking about but it would be quite the undertaking: sanding and repainting; but maybe we can get through that too.
  10. I really do want to get some writing done; every so often I feel badly that I’ve ignored this one outlet of mine. I enjoy writing and want to publish – some day! – so I need to get organized about time and making it a priority.
  11. I’d like to go back to doing more keto days. We have half a cow coming to us so that should make it a little easier with planning; either ground beef meals or steaks. Granted, I want baked potatoes with my steak and those aren’t exactly on the no-carb list but they’re pretty low. And if that’s the only carbs I get all day, I think I’ll be good.
  12. I would like to make an active plan on how to save money. I mean, obviously there’s the eating out less/make food at home plan of attack. But I can’t go buying random things either. The kids will be going to camp and will need lunch-type foods. For the most part they’ve been eating the school lunch, which is free. (Everyone in the district gets it for free). I cannot just go spending on any ol’ thing so that is what I will focus on. I don’t tend to spend that way anyway!
  13. I’d like to find a balance between stressing, work, and the vacations we have planned; some zen place where I can feel…comfortable. I don’t know if maybe meditation is the way to go or more mindful practices. Usually I try to look at advice or beach pins on Pinterest to see if I can get my thinking right.

2 thoughts on “Thursday 13 –

  1. I hate when the air conditioner goes out!! Hopefully, y’all will just need freon added and all will be well! We have a portable air conditioner in the garage and a huge shop fan and Mark said if ours goes out, we can sleep in the back of the car in our garage hahaha!

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