MMMM + On the verge of new jobs

I have training for the new part time tutoring job I got in about 8 minutes but let’s write while I have time! It feels like a weird Monday but I think because last week zoomed by so quickly but the weekend was long that I feel discombobulated.

Anywho, last week, again, was quick. Friday, I did some pool work and Ash trimmed hedges and we went to lunch but then I picked my daughter up early because she had a dress rehearsal for her Saturday dance recital. It was an odd day because it stormed like crazy! Elliot didn’t have work because of that and we just sort of lounged around then.

Saturday was pretty busy as well: I took the boys to their soccer games while Ash took Dakota to a birthday party at the trampoline place. In soccer news, Ell’s team tied and Isaac’s won, which is saying something because they were down 0-2 at the half. But Isaac got mad and scored two quick goals. We all met back at home and by then, my parents had arrived. We hung out for a bit, got Dakota into her dance outfit(s) then headed to her show. It was very nice, very well put together. She did an amazing job, considering she only started dance this year. We immediately headed to dinner after (about 4:30) because we knew the hibachi place would be crowded for pre-mother’s day celebrations. And it was! But we got in right away and had an amazing dinner. I was very happy to get some food because we’d only had a few pieces of cheese and beer prior.

When we got home, it was all chill. We sat outside and had a few beers and that was it. On Sunday, we all began early and got a lot of yardwork and pool stuff done. In fact, the kids got into the pool shortly before 10 and swam on and off until about 6:30! We made burgers and my parents left around 3. I think all in all, it was a nice weekend and Mother’s Day! I got a nice couple of cards and my husband got me a new fermenter. LOL. Sounds nuts to be excited about it but it’s a big mouth bubbler and hence, easier to clean. One of my big jobs in our collective brewing process is cleaning the equipment and this will be much easier.


This week is a freebie and I wish I could share with you some new music but I don’t have any of that. I just have a couple songs I have recently realized I like. One is Sanford Townsend and the other,

4 thoughts on “MMMM + On the verge of new jobs

  1. I haven’t eaten at a hibachi place in years! yum! yum! I would love to have a pool in my yard but it isn’t large enough. The neighborhood pool is only 2 blocks away and I need to walk down there and enjoy!

  2. Good luck on your new job. Your Sandford-Townsend band song was of interest because the only song I knew from them was their hit Smoke From a Distant Fire. The Donald Fagen song I knew but hadn’t heard in a long time. Good selections for a perfect weather spring afternoon. Alana ramblinwitham

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