A to Z Challenge – Day 22

V is for Vacations

Even though I know my parents struggled with money at times, they made it a point to take us on vacation often. Nothing huge and elaborate – we almost always drove – but good ones nevertheless.

We went to Disney either once a year or once every two years. It was only about 4 hours from my childhood home so, a reasonable trip. We didn’t stay on Disney property until I was maybe 10. I guess by then they could afford it. I know when I was younger, they’d stay in an Econolodge – the same one – in Kissimmee. And it wasn’t bad; a pool, decent rooms. But not as expensive. While I am getting fed up with Disney’s monopoly on movie franchises and the way that their parks are a little too blatant about taking your money now, in the heyday of Disney, I loved that trip.

Other notable vacations, as previously mentioned, was our drive to western New York state, where we stayed in that old family farmhouse. While I don’t enjoy the getting there these days, I enjoyed car trips when I was little. My grandparents took their old 60s Lincoln and I’d get to sit in the front on the bench seat between them. I always enjoyed the moment we left one state and entered another; that there really was no true line. Land just bled right into another piece of land except it was supposed to be different. My favorite state was Virginia, because we always stopped at this one last-stop rest stop before heading up into the mountains where there was no stopping. I also recall this time we stayed at a hotel and the weather was definitely cool out. We had an outdoor pool and it was heated so steam rose from it into the cold air. It was the one and only time I remember my grandfather swimming with us.

Because these were big for me, we try to give our kids good vacations now too: Disney, Universal, and visiting family. This summer, we are driving to little old Perrysburg, Ohio. Ash grew up there so we’re going to see some of his old homes, friends, and also, drive over to Cedar Point.

4 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – Day 22

  1. My mom was a stay at home mom and my dad worked for the railroad (blue collar). Every summer, we drove from the Birmingham area to Laguna Beach, FL (near Panama City and back then, very quaint and not crowded). They rented a cabin down about a block off the beach behind the Seahorse, which was a country store with wooden floors . . .and maybe a bar?? We usually only ate out one time but I have such fond memories from those trips. I have no idea how they afforded it. They must have saved all year for the next year’s vacation. Thanks for making me think about our family vacations — such a great memory!

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