A to Z Challenge – Day 23

W is for Wrestling

If you have read my blog before, then you know that I’ve been a fan of professional wrestling since I was very young. I remember with longing the 80s, the gold age of wrestling. I owned the pre-ripped Hulk Hogan shirt and prided myself on knowing all the guys and the programs they were in; the storylines. This was before the internet and before the ruination of kayfabe – i.e. the idea that these guys were really at war with one another and it wasn’t all a work.

There was a rough spot for WWF in the late 80s/early 90s but then when Attitude era began (late 96/early 97) their revival was fierce. Everyone in America knew about wrestling at this point and I was head over heels for the wrestlers of that time. I went to house shows, live events, bought carboard cutouts of my favorite wrestlers, and was deep into it. I wasn’t a particularly good college student so this was my escape. I don’t know why I struggled academically; maybe it was just a rough time in my adolescence when I realized I wasn’t nearly as smart as I thought I was. But I spent countless hours watching the Monday Night Wars (WWF vs WCW) and stayed up way too late to watch ECW, which came on at 1 am because it was so bloody and violent, they couldn’t air it any other time, even though this was 1998!

I think it was around 2003/2004 when I faded away from it; Ash and I had moved into together, I was in grad school and working full time and just didn’t have time to sink myself into something so frivolous. It wouldn’t be until 2015 or so, once my life was a lot more stable, that I’d rediscovered it. And even now, it’s probably been three years since I sat down to watch anything. I still follow news on it and think fondly of certain wrestlers, even to this day. Macho Man will always be my favorite from the old days and Roman Reigns/Jon Moxley tie for my current times favorites. I don’t know if there will come a time when I’ll go back to being a major fan but it is still one of those things in life I consider “mine”; something that defines me as a person.

5 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge – Day 23

  1. I’ve never been into wrestling. The story goes that my dad was watching a boxing match (entirely different I know!) when my mom went into labor with me . . .and supposedly he told her to hang on so he could see the end!

    1. LOL I can believe it! My husband pulled the same thing the other day with a football game. I was obviously not having a baby but we did have to leave!

  2. I remember wrestling in the ’60’s and ’70’s with guys like Dick The Bruiser, The Crusher, and Vern Gagne. We used to sit around on Saturday afternoon and listen to them yell at each other. It was such small potatoes then. I think they spent about $10 on fcilities….

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