MMMM + Open mouth, insert foot

It’s bugging me and I need to let it go but I went to a concert this weekend and I mentioned in a Facebook fan group that the backfill was a little too obvious – i.e. they were not singing the entire time. And with this one band, I know they CAN sing really well so it felt lazy. I knew people would come for me but they came at me hard. And in essence, I feel like fans are allowed to be critical and some of these people just jump at the chance to prove me wrong and support the artist, which I know is just because they’re idiots. So why I let it bother me, I don’t know. I guess because I said to myself, “Don’t say anything, let it go.” But if I can go watch Def Leppard and admit they sounded bad – but at least know that they were, indeed, singing their songs – then I can point out when a band sounds too perfect. Go ahead and give me the imperfections; I know it’s a live show.

ANYWAY, despite that, we had a nice time. We drove over to St. Augustine Thursday, stopping in Jacksonville for lunch and a flight, then hitting two more breweries once near our airbnb. None of the breweries were really amazing but we found some good beers. We drank a couple before walking the 1.5 miles to the venue. It was a great show, don’t get me wrong. In fact, Motionless in White was great; THEY didn’t lipsync. We left a couple songs into Black Veil Brides’ set and skipped Three Days Grace entirely. Home by 9:30! We were both a little worse for wear – definitely didn’t need that last beer – but we slept great in our little studio. The next day we took it easy, heading to the historic district around 10 and walking up and down the various roads. We did go to two more breweries but were not much in the drinking mood. We found some cool owl knick-knacks, which we are now collecting because our future brewery will have that theme. I love that little city so it was a nice get-away.

We left Saturday morning and got home before the boys’ soccer games. Went to those then out to dinner, then my parents went with us to the local brewery. The next morning, we got brewing early, a couple friends came to help/watch, then my parents and our friends all left by 1 and we took Isaac to a makeup soccer game. I got laundry done, made burgers, and now I am reacclimating to life. It feels weird to take a mini-vacation where you pack so much into a short time. I feel very off kilter today and I am trying to get my brain right.

We opened the pool for the season today; it looks like a lake. Have to remind myself to trust in the chemicals and hope for it to start clearing soon and then I can vacuum it. We’re having a small NFL draft party on Thursday so I have a lot of outdoor cleaning to do anyway!


I honestly am having issues coming up with a song to share with you. I’m a little soured on Ice Nine Kills right now, given the concert. Such good music but come on, just sing it! So I’m sharing one I have shown so many times before but is the advice I need right now:

5 thoughts on “MMMM + Open mouth, insert foot

    1. The bigger problem is I’m pretty sure their lead singer called me out on it (you never know with facebook accounts) but then I felt extra bad but hey. try harder. LOL.

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