A to Z Challenge – Day 6

F is for Food

I know that seems terribly broad but I have such a different relationship with food now than when I was young. Of course, all adults know that once you hit a certain age, you really can’t eat like you used to. I mean, there’s an entire pharmaceutical business for stomach pain/acid reducers. (You guys know that those actual do the opposite of what you want right? You NEED the acid. Stop taking your Zantac RIGHT NOW, if you’re reading this.)

Anyway, I do like to reminisce about what I loved to eat as a kid and in my teen years because it felt more special than eating does now. There were specific meals I requested because those were my favorite foods. A short list includes: grits and eggs, carbonara, ribs, mashed potatoes.

I have always been a breakfast person and nothing beats a bowl of slow-simmered southern grits with butter and then a big sloppy egg on top. I’m talking, as runny as you can make it. Throw a little salt on there and YUM.

Carbonara is another meal I loved as a kid. My mom visited Southern Italy in college and learned to make this cream-based dish. Hers was always different, which made it fun. Sometimes she used bacon but pancetta if she could get it. But the combo of the eggy/creamy sauce on noodles with the saltiness of the meat was super yummy to my young palate. These days, I really don’t eat much pasta at all; just don’t have the taste for it.

On Sundays, my dad would make something on the grill, usually country style ribs. If we were going all-out big meal, my mom made corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, and a salad. Now I will say, I do still like me some mashes, but I don’t eat them often. They don’t bring me the same comfort as they once did. But this was definitely one of my favorite meals.

As I got into my teens, I started liking carbs more: bagels, entire boxes and Kraft mac after school, and then my real downfall was a chicken finger basket at every restaurant we went to. But when I got to college, I still ate this way and realized I NEVER felt good when I finished a meal. Whether it was the food itself or overeating, I had to let that stuff go. Plus, I weighed a good bit; I was pretty dang heavy. These days, I eat a lot more salads, grass-fed meats, cheeses and other full fat foods that align with keto. And I never eat three times a day and you’d even be hard-pressed to see me eat twice. It’s so very different than when I was young and I know I am better off now – much healthier. I am also, on average, about 50 pounds lighter than I was in college. But I can still feel what it was like to indulge in those foods back in the day.

One thought on “A to Z Challenge – Day 6

  1. I’ve never liked ribs but in the past have loved mac and cheese and I still love mashed potatoes with gravy. What I’ve had to learn is that is a treat to be eaten once or twice a year and ENJOYED. We live on veggies, fruit, and chicken/turkey/lean meat with occasional treats. At 63 (and my hubby is 68), I will have to watch every bite that goes in my mouth for the rest of my life PLUS exercise every day.

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