Random Thursday – Focus on the good

  • I had quite a negative run today so I want to write some positive things (no negative waves, man. Kelly’s Heroes!)
  • Not that I SHOULD elaborate but I was just too up in my head and I felt slow on the run. My average pace for 8 miles was 10:34 but still, not great.
  • I discovered two new-to-me bands named Unto Others and Fortress. UO is kind of 80s doom-ish but has this interesting down-tuned New Wave sound. You’d have to hear it to know what I mean; I will probably share more from them during my Monday posts. Fortress is very Judas Priest/Iron Maiden-y, which is just so awesome. They are not to be confused with an early hair metal scene band also named Fortress; this one only started in 2018. But yes, along with Ice Nine Kills, I am loving having new music in my ears for all these long runs.
  • Speaking of, I have been moving my long run (typically scheduled for a weekend day, as most running plans do) to Thursdays. This is a day when I am here by myself so it’s much easier for me to get all ready and run without everyone bumbling around the house. But they’ve been working out well for me on that day. It also helps to have in mind that that is my long run day and I am mentally prepared. It’s also nice not having to rearrange my weekends for it. Looking ahead, we’re going to my parents’ house this weekend and it’ll be a lot easier to throw a three miler in there than an 8! Actually, we will see my parents twice in a three week span, since my double bridge run 15k is on February 5th. I am MUCH better trained for it this time; my splits were god-awful last time I ran it so here’s hoping I can at least beat my time by 15-20 minutes (that’s the goal anyway)
  • Since I won’t be leaving the house as I had been to teach in person, my goal – so I don’t lose my ever-loving mind – is to plan projects. I have this long-term goal of de-acorning the deck. LOL. So this one tree, that we just had taken out, had a windfall year for those suckers and they got stuck in the spaces between the deck boards. So now that no more will fall, I have to get them gone. It will be SO nice once it’s all clean but if I work on it little at a time each day, it will get accomplished. I’m about halfway done right now.
  • I made sure to stretch and sauna and not just SIT when I finished my run today but I just had to do some work. Now I think I will head to the store just to get out and walk; my legs will hurt otherwise. So there you have some more positive vibes out in the world. Peace out!

2 thoughts on “Random Thursday – Focus on the good

    1. OMG good one. Yeah it’s more like flinging them out. I have this long pole thing that I managed to get into each crevice between deck slats and then I kick it to send them flying. LOL. It’s a pretty hilarious scene.

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