Wednesday Podge – Writing to procrastinate

From this Side of the Pond

1. When it comes to gift giving are you more of a ‘create something from scratch’ or a ‘buy something in a shop’ kind of giver? Tell about a favorite homemade gift you’ve given or one you’ve received. 

I tend to just buy but I have made things too. This year, I commissioned a friend of mine who does those pour paintings to do a pair for my husband. The first one turned out great so far and I think he’ll like that.

2. Do you have the ‘gift of gab’? Is that a blessing or a curse? 

Hmm, not necessarily. I am not really talkative in social situations, but I can get up in front of students and teach a class. My husband is the chatty one, if we’re being honest.

3. What’s something you have going on that you need/want to ‘wrap up’ this month? 

OMG so many things but for one, a couple classes end this week and then secondly, we are having a Christmas party on the 10th so I need to wrap up the set up for it.

4. A food you love that is ‘wrapped’ in some way?

Hmm, I’m gonna go with anything wrapped in bacon. You cannot go wrong with bacon.

5. December is upon us…share something here (quote, verse, poem, song lyric, your own thoughts) related to the word hope.

I find this hard to answer but I do often say things like “I hope we can…” a lot. I usually follow that up with “…get over all this BS going on in our country.” Sometimes I feel like I’m living in Crazy Town, because every day, something new emerges in the news cycle that makes me shake my head and wonder if people really are that dumb/blind/easily cowed. So yes, I hope that during this wonderful time of year, people maybe sit back and use a little bit more common sense so we can once again come together as Americans and make a better world.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I noticed lately, I have been putting off things that I think will be difficult, but then with those things hanging over my head, I stress all the more. This is a terrible habit I have started and I want to fix it. Anyone have suggestions?
I’ve also noticed – on an entirely different note – that I get really into a new band right around this time of year. And I have done this for maybe the past five years. I don’t know if it’s because I start listening to more Christmas music and I feel inclined and more open to discovering other stuff. I admit that I did not give Ice Nine Kills a chance before. Funny enough, I remember when “Freak Flag” came out YEARS ago and I had no idea who it was. Then SAVAGAES got radio play and I thought that was pretty good. But it was not until Hip to be Scared happened and wow. Just WOW. I kick myself for writing off metalcore as a genre in general because I was missing the heck out on this band.
It’s so refreshing to get into a band – really delve into their songbook. Maybe it’s just a nice divergence from the stress of the holidays!

P.S. Yeah this post is late. I couldn’t find the draft yesterday!

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