Thursday and Friday bullets

  • It wasn’t until I was in a particularly good mood yesterday did I realize I’d been in a rut. Can’t exactly explain it but I felt sort of numb to things. Just sort of status quo; getting things done but just flatlined, emotionally. It’s funny how we can go through life in that fog. I feel a little better now though.
  • I guess Ash being out of town made me realize it; we take for granted those around us when we’re always around them!
  • I’m mostly caught up on grading and classes and just conferencing with kids today. Two more now and four later. Going to the store in between and you know, I am not eating keto today. I did a big old salad with tuna yesterday so I felt good about it. Plus, I had walked 2.15 miles from the car place.
  • Yup, thing’s back in the shop. Got on Ten and as I went to engage cruise control and it sputtered and the VSA and Engine lights came on. It lost speed but I was able to still go about 60/65 and get it off the road. I read on some Element forums that some folks had this happen after having the oil solenoids on the engine repaired. Hmm, I happen to have had that done last week! So yeah, let’s see what that same shop says but I’ll be skeptical for sure.
  • I went looking for a replacement lightbulb for my under cabinet lighting in the kitchen and it appears to be discontinued! Last time one burned out I found it easily at the hardware store but alas, it’s gone. It must be a rare kind of size so ugh.
  • I got the motivation earlier today to start putting Fall away and putting up Christmas but I have not done it yet.
  • Friday – Ah class was interesting today. 2/13 people showed up to class #1. 10/25 showed up in class #2. That’s about average. There’s a handful of students I haven’t seen in weeks. Granted, one of them said he really meant to be in online classes because he doesn’t like to leave his house. The other straight told me she doesn’t know why she’s in college; she doesn’t want to be there. It’s a crazy world we live in!
  • I am trying to get the house in good shape. I know Ash always appreciates coming home to a tidied house; who wouldn’t? Whenever he goes away, I find myself on blogs where wives have had to deal with always-traveling husbands or even ones who are deployed. The insane amount of strength these women have amazes me. But one trend I see whenever I read their stories, is that they make it a priority to be an understanding and giving wife. I know this sounds sacrificial, like there should be more balance – especially given out pro-feminist world now – but I can see how this makes a marriage work. I want to be there for him as much as I need him there for me!
  • I am STILL waiting to hear about my car. I want to call them but in the past, this place called as soon as they knew what the problem was. OR perhaps they know it was on them so they’re fixing it on their dime. I don’t know but I get anxiety about these things so I really don’t want to call!
  • I got out Christmas decorations last night and realized I have very little for this big old house. And with our party looking, I had better pick it up! I did end up finding some stuff at Dollar Tree and I spent very little so I will start there and see what else I can pick up before the 10th.
  • OK, I have the motivation to look for this one bin in storage so I’m gonna do it. See ya next week!

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