MMMM + Can we just be over this already?

Wow, it’s been a rough, well, few weeks, I guess. As mentioned, I haven’t felt like myself since Ash went out of town starting on July 28th. Once he got back, he was home for about a day and a half before we went out of town with my sister, then we had those 2 days before the kids started school and last week felt like an eternity. He for sure has had Covid now, though we did not do a test. Too many other people he went to the conference with also came back positive. He’s feeling good now but heading into the weekend, it was still lingering and keeping him down. But not in ways you’d think; it wasn’t like flu where you want to just lay down. But it was like flu in that he felt fatigued and just foggy and stuff.

The weird thing is that the more I analyze what I thought was a sinus infection, I think I’ve now had it as well. Because two things: I lost taste and smell for about 3-4 days (we went for hibachi and both the yum yum sauce and the salad dressing were WEIRD but my son said they tasted even better than normal) and because I did feel fatigued more than any sinus issue ever before – and I’ve had quite a few in my time. So in about 2-3 weeks, we’ll for sure get the antibody test. I am positive his will be a yes but we’ll see about mine. If I had a sinus infection only, I’ll be really surprised, given how I felt.

Anyway, today the kids are home because tropical storm Fred is barreling towards, well, west of us. My daughter got invited to a girl scout friend’s house to play right up the street and I am working on work stuff. New job begins so I have to check in. It’s online, asynchronous, so there’s no time commitment. There is, however, a meeting tonight at 5:30 on Zoom for my one face to face job. And now I have a Zoom with the new school about my new hire documents, apparently. Looks like it’s going to be one of those type days – where things get thrown at you. But I can handle it; I’m a big girl. I’m just happy that Ash is feeling much better from his illness.


This week’s theme was to build a playlist from the most fun decade. And you’d think, based on my age, I might pick the 90s and as much as I loved music in those formative years of my life, the 90s were not exactly fun. For me, I’d consider them fraught with stress, confusion, and anger. That’s when I listened to a lot of grunge and then transitioned into angry metal like Pantera. So I’m picking 80s – as I am sure quite a few people will.

The fun thing about the 80s is how varied the types of music were and they all made you feel good in some way. I am throwing in a variety of songs from this decade that were close to my heart then and even later when I rediscovered them.

2 thoughts on “MMMM + Can we just be over this already?

  1. This was quite the selection – something for everyone. Yes, the 80’s, even with my recent 70’s love affair, is still the best. ramblinwitham

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