The Friday of my discontent

I woke up feeling pretty tired, which is weird since I fell asleep in my chair during the movie The Losers, which was just ok. Chris Evans was kind of funny in it and I like Javier Bardem and Idris Elba. But I was exhausted so I was out like a light. This is also amusing since I didn’t do much yesterday. I graded papers, picked up a pizza. I picked Dakota up from piano lessons and we transferred a beer. She and I ran a mile. Ash is still on the mend from whatever illness he had. He feels mostly good but it comes and goes. We were supposed to go to a new brewery’s soft opening but we’ll probably skip it. I am getting tired of sitting around with him too but I don’t think it wise for me to go out either. I mean, I ran into a woman yesterday who was dropping off for piano when I was leaving and when she had covid, she said it was all sinus. So maybe that was how I got it. Er, how mine manifested. I feel great now; you know how it is when you’re feeling like battered crap for days then you finally emerge from the fog and are thankful for some semblance of normalcy.

Who knows anymore; I’m not getting a test and neither is Ash so whatever. I don’t see the actual point unless it was required by a job and I am not flying anywhere. If I happen to run into a place where I can get the antibody test, I would do that. It would be nice to know but I’m not chomping at the bit. Maybe I’ll donate blood at some point and figure it out.

I am in an in-between place anyway; my new teaching gig for this small Ohio school starts Monday and the course shell is created but not uploaded yet. Soon as I get it I can tweak and amend and make videos for my students. It’s always weird starting something like this because obviously I know how to teach but each school has weird quirks about how they want things so you have to cobble together that understanding. I mean, I am certainly excited about it but also terribly nervous. We’ll get back to normal at some point here!

Ash is starting to get annoyed by having to stay home; I get it but don’t be snappy. I finished my paper grading then went out to trim hedges, then brush and skim the pool. Was pretty beat after that so I showered then we decided to do pick-up Mexican. After I ate, I promptly felt exceedingly tired! I think it’s the whole non-keto thing. Because when I eat keto foods, I feel amazing and not tired. But when I throw in other stuff (like chips, beans, and rice, even if it wasn’t much) I am tired. Luckily, feeling ok now. Don’t know what the rest of the afternoon will entail but I might snag Elliot and get him some shirts. He’s very picky about clothes so I don’t know how to shop for him. He basically only wants tech shirts and about half the ones he owns are from middle school, so he obviously won’t wear them now. He can’t be wearing that school’s logo in high school! That would be lame. So I don’t know where to take him. I know kids around here like all that Salt Life stuff but he won’t wear it, nor a cotton shirt so he’s just up the creek without a paddle.

OK, enough rambling. Happy Friday!

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