MMMM + Recovering from fun

The music theme today has to do with friends, because it is, or was (depending on the calendar) national friendship day. Well, my friends came over yesterday to swim and celebrate and boy did we celebrate!

Let’s backtrack though. Ash has been out of town a few days now and we’re making it. I try to do something fun or special for the kids here and there. For example, we went for ice cream the other night after I made dinner. I let them stay up a little later. And the big thing was that I finally got the pool in working order. So yesterday, our friends came over to swim. My usual suspects, Courtney and Tiffanie. All of their kids came too; Tiff has an older daughter and she brought her boyfriend. We all had a great time: lots of food and drinking, of course. I somehow managed to overdo it though and was DONE by about 6:30. Luckily, I have the best friends and they helped clean up the food and all and get me situated on the couch where I stayed for a few hours before mustering energy to head to my bed. Sure, I felt like hot garbage but I finally got a lot of sleep! And not the too drunk kind of sleep where I am hot and toss and turn. I slept very well and feel rather refreshed today. Maybe I just needed to get to that low before coming back up.

I got up today and had my coffee and drank a bunch of water and felt good. I even cleaned up around here before going to the dentist. Now I am doing work before lunchtime. One of Dakota’s friends/our neighbor’s kid is coming at noon because her mom has to go into the office today. So I let Koda stay home from camp so they can play. I plan to take everyone out for dollar tacos around 5 because that’s what I want. LOL.


I’m guessing a lot of people will pick James Taylor’s ‘You’ve got a friend’ but I’m boring and will choose it too. Here are a couple others I like as well.

3 thoughts on “MMMM + Recovering from fun

  1. “You’ve Got A Friend” is hardly my favorite song, and so far I haven’t seen anyone else who chose it. I had the Queen song, which is pretty good. And I completely forgot the Kenny Loggins/Stevie nicks song. Good picks!

  2. I had also forgotten about the Kenny Logins/Stevie Nicks song, and it was good to hear it again. Some songs are so popular (like You’ve Got a Friend) because there’s just something special about them.

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