Random Tuesday – This and that

  • Well, I have almost made it the entirety of my husband’s absence, as he comes home tomorrow. I wish I had something more philosophical to say about time spent away from the one you’re married to but in essence, it sucks. (I mean, that is, if you like that person and all. LOL.) We kept meaning to make time to chat on the phone but it only happened after his first evening. Sunday, I was too out of it and last night, he’d had a bit too much. They work from about 7-8 every conference day then go out to eat and drink. I get it, and it is what it is.
  • After messing with the pool all weekend – cleaning, chemicals, etc – it finally does look good again and I am so happy about it. I did that. Usually Ash and I work on it together but this time, I was the one taking on the responsibility. And I really liked that. It’s supposed to rain (flash flood watch even) today and that might mess up my chemistry but it needed water after we had 12 people in it Sunday and then Koda and her friend swam yesterday. Needless to say, we splashed a lot out.
  • Isaac and I once again woke up at 6:30 to do our HIIT workout: 3 min jog, followed by 30 seconds of all-out sprint, followed by 90 seconds of walking. Rinse, repeat until we hit about 21 minutes. It wasn’t hot this morning but it was humid so it felt like running through soup or a cloud. It was pretty gross. I haven’t quite recovered from it; have a bit of a headache and I feel kind of cold, for some reason. I also think that has to do with this sinus issue I seem to be having. It’s definitely time to get back to longer fasts! I find I don’t suffer from hardly any issues when I do that. I will say, yesterday I had bone broth around 2:30 then we went for dollar tacos at 5. So my eating window was smaller at least.
  • I just did a quick check-in for all three schools because we are really getting down to it: they begin in about a week! It’s definitely weird having them in three places. Won’t have two in the same school for another three years!
  • Finally, the coffee is kicking in. So I get a monthly Amazon delivery that includes a big box of Starbucks breakfast blend. Well, I had one k-cup yesterday, which was fine because that was when the box was scheduled to arrive. But did it? NOPE. So this morning, I had promised Dakota birthday donuts so I ended up getting a Dunkin’ coffee. And I couldn’t drink it until it was cooled down and that was around 8:30. Oh, and I am so done with Amazon Prime. They barely even had 2 day shipping anymore and shit is never on time. I am going to cancel before my subscription renews. Don’t know what happened to them but I don’t think you can still blame Covid.
  • My eating plan today is as follows: 2 pm, bone broth. 3 pm, jalapeno poppers. At that point, I will begin making my oven chuck roast. I found a pinterest recipe for it as a Christmas roast and I remember my mom making something similar. The recipe is weird because it calls for the oven to preheat to 500, then be turned off, and let the meat cook for 2 hours. Weird!! But I have all these different cuts in there and I want to experiment.
  • I started off my morning not feeling well but I am getting there now; motivated and getting grading done. So I’mma head out to finish. Happy Tuesday!

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