Friday Five – Long week!

  1. I totally wrote on Wednesday but didn’t link up. Dakota woke up with a low fever that day and she didn’t look like she felt well. Symptoms pointed to a head cold: very stuffy and a little dizzy. Fever never got higher than 100 and came and went throughout the day. Thursday, she woke with a 99.1 (which is in the normal range anyway) and she felt fine. Seemed normal. I kept her home though because of the camp and didn’t want them to make her go home for the rest of the time. But that worked out because we accomplished her birthday request: go clothes shopping with me. I took her to the Carter’s store and she picked out a bunch of stuff. It was a nice afternoon, actually. Her other request was to do something with Ash so they’ll have to figure that out when he gets back.
  2. The early part of this week feels like a literal lifetime ago. My mom was here Monday and she went to lunch with us and then she drove on to the beach with friends. Then Ash left Wednesday and even the time between those two things feels like an eternity. In fact, in the hours after he left, it felt long. Koda was home, Elliot went to a friend’s house, then in the evening, I took the other two kids up to Blaze pizza and Fresh Market. It just felt like the longest hours.
  3. Our pool got worked on yesterday, finally. All I really needed was someone reliable to come in, look at it, and tell us what’s going on. And the main thing he discovered was that it wasn’t running at high enough rpms. This makes sense for the lack of filtering. He did replace the sand in the filter, so that’s a nice fresh start. He resealed things and got the system programmed correctly, Nice guy – came recommended on NextDoor – and I was happy to see his price for all that was very reasonable. I have to go backwash in a min and vacuum but man, what a relief. It’s already looking clearer.
  4. I have a bunch of grading to get done today, since it definitely did not get done yesterday. I helped the pool guy all morning (or at least, stood out there and chatted with him, asking filter-related questions) then did the thing with Dakota and then before I knew it, it was 2 and I was tired. And then I was getting the boys and making dinner. I also drank ONE beer. Kind of wish I had more but I am trying to get back to being good. On Wednesday, I was not particularly careful about my food choices!
  5. We’ve had some insane heat the past couple days. It wasn’t bad in the morning but by afternoon, 96 with feels like of 104. We got some extreme heat warnings too, which is crappy. I didn’t think it was too awful around 6:30 when I was out brushing down the pool but I did not want to run in it! I was supposed to run yesterday but Isaac and I decided to get up early and do it this morning. MUCH better! We’re only out there for about 20 mins because we do a 3 min warm up jog, then 30 second sprints with 90 seconds of walking. We get about 8 into that time. This, however, builds our HGH, which helps with dead cell turnover and many other functions integral to overall body health. And HGH helps wards off bad things, like Covid!

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