Thursday 13 – Totally random thoughts

  1. Well, you’re getting brain bits today because I am feeling so much more like myself after breaking my 72 hour fast last night. I guess technically I went 72 hours and three minutes; lol. But I was waiting for my bone broth to heat up. I broke my fast with that, then a bit later, a few bites of sauerkraut, then a filet of fish and a hard boiled egg. Finished off (this was in the span of about an hour and a half to avoid refeeding syndrome) with a handful of macadamia nuts. All in all, I would do another extended fast but not for a few months.
  2. Day two was by far the hardest; I was in a constant brain fog and I slept terribly that night. I was just awake and thinking too much. But what they say is because your body is burning all available energy (i.e. fat stores) you are never really in a state of rest. When we left for vacation, I weighed about 128/129 and when we got back, I was only 130/131. This proves that once you’re fat adapted, you can basically eat poorly a little with no harsh side effects. But this morning, I was 124.8 so I guess the long fast definitely worked.
  3. I am super excited for tomorrow when I am going to eat pizza and drink beer at lunch, then probably have more junk and beer later. I am excited to know that a few food indiscretions won’t throw me off the wagon entirely. I really didn’t miss eating very much during those three days but once it was time to eat again, I was ready. And I’m not gonna lie: I’m ready for beer again.
  4. Sounds like my oldest son is learning a lot about older kids and high school on this trip he’s on. He has sent a few texts that indicate as such. It seems good overall; he has to learn about the real world anyway. We’ve never really shied away from the harshness anyway but I know high school is a whole microcosm in and of itself of drama and growing up. I will be interested in what he tells me once he gets home.
  5. It will also be nice for him to be back. Summer always feels so frantic, even though it should be relaxed. I’ve been a literal bus service this week: Isaac to camp, then Dakota to another half-day camp. Pick her up by noon to go back to the regular camp then in between all that, I have work still. Today I get her a little early so she can go to her piano lesson. I am all over town! But next week will just be that all-day camp for the younger two and Elliot will be home for the next five weeks. He aged out of camps and the one they usually go to didn’t do counselors in training this summer.
  6. I am loving this weight loss and feeling thin. It’s a very odd feeling, one I have not experienced in some time, even when I was less than my largest ever. I even bought small shirts! Mediums seem too big now but I am not replacing them all, that’s for sure. Oh, and I bought a two piece bathing suit! This is HUGE for me. Pretty sure I haven’t owned one since I was a small child. It goes over my gut of course, since I have this wreckage from childbirth. LOL. No one needs to see the war wound that is the flab and stretch marks, But I do look pretty fit in the thing so I can’t wait to go back to the beach in it.
  7. I bought a couple little yard decorations from Hobby Lobby for the fourth and realize how much I like the look of Americana decor. I keep getting ads for this American crate subscription box and I am kind of tempted. I have a couple pieces I picked up from thrift stores so I’m well on my way anyway. With the exception of my beach bathroom, no rooms have any real themes.
  8. Speaking of the fourth, we’re headed to our friends’ in the country, as per usual, to shoot off fireworks. This year is a little different because their son, who we’ve known forever, is 21 and has finally gotten into beer. We tried this fancy one someone gave him back in January so now, we plan to take a bunch of different things to him to try. Kind of fun, as we as beer people, like sharing good flavors with people. I’m also proud of myself for remembering we need to bring our own water bottles. We always go out there and the kids are thirsty but their tap water sucks so it’s always this issue they have.
  9. Can I just say how surprised I am that it is already July? I woke up today and thought, what the heck day is it? June 30th? Nope – already the first. I feel like it JUST became summer break.
  10. I’m taking it easy on food again today, just to be sure. I had some bone broth and I will eat a good keto salad before eggs and bacon later. I am being careful with myself so I can be careless later. Somehow this works!
  11. What’s your favorite summer-time activity? I realized I haven’t really done mine: looked for fireflies at dusk. For one, we were out of town. Secondly, it’s been a little rainy so I have no interest in looking out into the dreary backyard.
  12. I am about to make a very long list of things that I have to remember to do between now and July 10th, Ash’s make-up birthday party. There’s certainly a lot and a good chunk of it involves yardwork and the pool. It’ll be some back-breaking, sweat-inducing work but then, once finished, we can actually enjoy time with friends. I love hard working leading up to a good payoff.
  13. Got about an hour until I have to get back into the mom bus and get kids to their respective places. I cannot wait until next week!

One thought on “Thursday 13 – Totally random thoughts

  1. You need to have a few food indiscretions when you’re on a diet, or you’ll never make it. In fact, some diets tell you that Saturday or Sunday is a “free day” and you can eat what you want, just don’t go overboard. Happy to hear you’re seeing some results!

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