Friday five – Yes, just 5 things

  1. As mentioned in prior posts, we had/have plans to go to a new place called Horizons tonight for dinner. This friend was someone Ash met waaaaay back when he was support at his current employer. They both were IT folks- he and this other, somewhat younger guy – and we friended him. He was a partier type and we had many a fun time with him and his crew, drinking and laughing and doing all sorts of dumb mid-20s things. Then Ash and I got married and had kids and he stayed kind of the same until a few years ago. Then his life turned around. He married, now has 3 kids under 5 years old, and has a very good job. Anyway, we’ve been in touch over the years but only recently started hanging out again. Well so, we planned this meal because his wife has gotten on-board politically, ideologically, with him and us so he felt it would be fun. So we made a plan, and he canceled, or rather, rescheduled. And then yesterday, he bailed. Now, it seems like his issue was a babysitter, which I totally get because we were once in that spot – but we surmised that, well, Chris has always been like this, why would he change?? But then a couple hours later he said they did indeed have a sitter and we’re back on!
  2. The only reason I stressed about the change is that it affected our eating. Today is only a one meal day so we had this plan to push our normal lunch to dinner for the sake of the get-together. So to make that easier, we planned to both move a TV upstairs and mount it, as well as brew. But then when he canceled, we figured we’d go back to eating lunch. And now dinner is back on! I am going to need to both keep busy and drink a lot of water. And maybe tea.
  3.  We finished our first full week of every kid having sport practices. The T/Th nights seem very long because Elliot’s training does not begin until 7. I personally like when they begin soon after work ends so you can just keep rolling. There’s a lot of cool-down time before 7 and I tend to get too comfy. Plus, it kind of cuts into my drinking time. LOL. I’d rather drink early than late so I can have some water before bed.
  4. Did you all happen to catch the Biden “press conference”? That could be the biggest farce… ever. I mean, talk about softball questions with no follow-up. The best part – hands down – is that no one asked questions about COVID… about the one issue that one might argue got him nominated er, appointed, er… ANYWAY! It was interesting to note. The man has dementia and the fact that puppeteers are taking advantage of him is sick and sad. Those folks should be ashamed. But they only care about winning.
  5. I ran out of time to write; I now need to run and then we have a bunch of stuff to, as I said, keep busy. Have a good weekend! When I return to you, I will have successfully completed another revolution around the sun. Er, whatever that euphemism is for getting another year older.

One thought on “Friday five – Yes, just 5 things

  1. What Joe Biden’s handlers are doing to him borders on elder abuse. I don’t think that the man can remember to pull down his pants before he goes to the bathroom. I don’t hold him responsible for what he’s doing because I’m convinced they’re just using him to do their bidding. The main question is, who’s “they”?

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