Mmmm + Busy but making it

OK let’s see. Oh yes, Friday. Well, I worked all morning then we attempted to go to Bumpa’s for burgers but that place was packed! So we ended up at Texas Roadhouse and our concern was the bad experience we had a few months ago. The hostess was supremely rude to the point where we just walked out. But this time was a much different experience. Service was phenomenal. In fact, the waiter saw that my hands appeared cold and he brought me a mug of hot water! I think they got a bunch of bad reviews and are trying to turn it around. Hey, I ain’t complaining!

After we got home, Ash had a meeting so I sat in the sun and listened to music, and then he got on the roof to blow off the leaves and apply a cleaner to prevent mold and other growth. That was an undertaking; getting up and down from there but we got it done. After that, we didn’t do an awful lot; drank some beer and then watched Coming 2 America. Pretty sure I was dead asleep after that!

Saturday, Ash and I both got up early to run because Dakota had baseball practice. It was cold… and rainy… but my run was pretty dang good. Due to the rain, however, the practice was cancelled, so I went to the store for stuff to make tacos. We watched a bit of Premier League too. Later on, we went to Costco, put salt in the pool and did some general cleaning. I also sat out in the sun for a bit. Decided to watch the first Pirates of the Caribbean because Dakota never saw it… and then she fell asleep. Oh well; poor thing.

On Sunday, Ash and Isaac had made a pact to wake up early to watch the soccer games so we literally watched 3 back to back. But we also got a lot done. I went to the store and we made steak for lunch. Switched it up a bit: did the Prime NY strips in the sous vide at the same temp, 135, but for only 2 hours. They turned out much better! I did laundry and we brewed a dry Irish stout. Kids played baseball and soccer in the yard, we drank some beer, and watched a French movie called District B13. It was ok. I tried to stay awake past 10 but failed. But then I couldn’t go back to sleep and it was nearly 2 am before I found sleep again. Very frustrating, since I wake up by 6:45. But I feel alright. I did a fast one mile run before I ever started work this morning so really, I am doing pretty good right now.


It’s a freebie week so let’s see what I can conjure up for you. Actually, I think I may have chosen these two songs before but they are the two I am feeling the most when I do my four milers on the weekends. Note how VASTLY different they are from one another!

Good ol’ Chris Cross:

Graphic warning for this? They’re weird Swedes and the video is pretty odd. But man, when I am trying to run up a pretty steep hill and this singer, Simon, belts it out? I have energy to succeed.

3 thoughts on “Mmmm + Busy but making it

  1. I am having problems posting comments on some WordPress sites so I hope this one takes (I had tried yesterday and apparently it didn’t go through.) I enjoyed the Crashdiet song a lot – the beginning reminded me a bit of Ghost and there were elements of a couple of other bands I can’t quite place (not being a huge metal fan) but the video – yup, I looked away quickly. Christopher Cross is an old favorite.

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