Friday Five – How is this week over?

  1. Dakota got her baseball team – the Braves – and she’ll have practices Saturday morning and Monday evenings. With the city sports, you never know when they’ll be because it’s all organized around the coach’s schedules. For soccer we had Tuesday and Wednesday nights booked. Now we have Mondays and who knows when the boys will practice! They’ll either have M/W or T/Th, twice a week practices. I won’t know until this coming Monday. I love it though. Love adding each one to the calendar, getting organized, and wrapping my brain around which nights will need a dinner adjustment.
  2. A side note about baseball: since the boys played, we had multiple pairs of gray pants. Every year, as Elliot outgrew them, I’d put them away in a drawer for the next kid. Well, I went looking for them to no avail. I found socks, belts, and old hats but no pants! Before I go to Play It Again Sports to buy them new, I will try one more spot in storage where they might be. But I hate stuff like that where you know you always put something in a certain spot and it’s not there, then can’t remember if maybe – just maybe – the item ended up in a Goodwill giveaway bag because you figured all kids were out of baseball!
  3. I’ve been picking up more patches for my next battle jacket and I am getting excited about the project. I bought a patch from a band named Crashdiet, a sort of glam revival band from Sweden and do you know how long it took to get here? One week. Do you know how long my patches from Mexico took? A month and a half. Crazy right? Makes very little sense, to be honest.
  4. My parents got their first Covid shot yesterday and I am happy for them because I know it will somehow quell fears, even though I don’t think they are the kind of people who were super worried. I respect their decision though. My father-in-law also got his and says he is coming to visit in April and I am very glad. He has never seen our new house and we are almost at our 3 year anniversary in it! Crazy to think it has been that long since I still feel some of that newness excitement about living here.
  5. We are having garage door issues and it is making me feel crazy. It’s not the door itself or the opener. It’s the inside button box and the outside wireless keypad. One company said they won’t replace them because it’s too old and another is trying to charge an arm and a leg. As usual, if you want something done these days, you have to educate yourself. ETA about an hour later: we figured out that the outside box’s issue was that one wire had been pulled out of the connector for the 9 volt battery. So we resoldered that on there and pretty much fixed that specific issue. A win! Now I have a class and we’re headed to lunch. Ash, sadly, as an afternoon meeting so no fun times for us just yet. Happy Friday!

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