Random Tuesday – Blasting through student conferences but writing

  • Though only 2 days into this week, I have to admit I was a little more worried than I should have been. I have been conducting student conferences with most of my courses so it’s a time slot nightmare. But I figured out how to merge three sign-up documents into one so I could have an all-around top down view of what each morning looks like and now I have this week firmly in my grasp.
  • Have you been watching Wandavision? Never have I been so annoyed about watching a show and not just quit it. So, the first 3 episodes were a waste of my time, because the fourth ep recapped it all. Then it had a few good episodes that actually progressed a story, but then the finale was holier than swiss cheese. So many unanswered questions and just… gaps in logic. This was not a good choice for them to do as a show. This would have worked better as a movie but hey, make it a show that lasts long enough that Disney Plus can up your monthly rate and keep you coming back.
  • Last night we had the boys’ soccer assessments for ASG and it was exciting! Can’t wait to get their team invitations and figure out practices and games. As noted, I love getting my calendar organized. Also have a random mid-week birthday party to attend also so yeah, our week is pretty busy, as always!!
  • I’m on a Don Henley kick, for some reason. I have always liked the Eagles but his solo career is also pretty remarkable. I think I just like that style of music. There are certain music types that turn me off immediately – like mumble rap or whatever Bob Dylan is – but the 70s/80s “adult contemporary” or whatever they call it is pretty dang good.
  • So check this out: Freak Show. We are going to see them this Sunday! This roving band of weirdos helped one of my favorite bands with a music video and now they are coming to Tallahassee. Tickets were cheap and since we don’t have as many concerts and shows these days, I figured it was worth it. Plus, I can wear that band shirt there and see if anyone puts 2 and 2 together. Maybe one chick will. She and I are in a Facebook fan group for said band and she lives here. I have never met her in person but there’s a good chance she’ll be present. I get the feeling she isn’t chomping at the bit to meet me. We chat in the group but she hasn’t said, “Hey, let’s get coffee!” or anything.
  • Ash went back to work today! Randomly yesterday they let him know that anyone who had expressed interest would go back this week. They previously did say March but it was a little sudden to email mid-morning Monday and let those folks know. 51 weeks we’d both been home so it’s a change. Granted, he’s only going in 3 days a week but it’s a thing. I kind of like it but I also got used to the way we operated here together. Oh well. He had to go back at some point!
  • He invited me to lunch with him and some friends but I think I will pass today and do my own thing. He and I were on a rotation of lunch places since, like, May and I think I might just go get something I want that he doesn’t usually feel like. This new freedom is really nice!
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