Wednesday ‘podge – Cold again, me, myself, and I, memories

From this Side of the Pond

1. Is March coming in like a lion where you live? Aslan, Simba, Elsa, The Cowardly Lion…your favorite ‘famous’ lion? 

March has been weird so far. Day one was warm and humid. We even had to run the AC because it was 79 upstairs. Today, it is 47 and rainy. So it’s been pretty up and down already! I’m not sure I have a favorite lion. Maybe Scar from the Lion King. He’s bad but also a loser and that’s kind of funny.

2. In what way do you ‘march to the beat of your own drum’? 

Oh Lord, where do I start? In almost everything? I drive a Honda Element but I’m not a hippie. I’m an English teacher but not a Democrat. I’m a mom and my kids play soccer but I listen to metal and don’t drive – refuse to drive – a minivan. I like black nail polish. I don’t ever feel “girly”. I love comic books and hate makeup. I basically do what feels right to me and don’t follow the crowd. As they say, “Be careful when you follow the masses; sometimes the m is silent.”

3. What item that you don’t have already, would you most like to own? Any chance of that happening soon?

Actually, yes. One thing I have wanted and just got was an air fryer. My husband surprised me with an early birthday present Monday night. The other thing, though, is a nice cushion for my chaise. I like the one he got me last year to lay outside on but it needs a cushion. It’s a little uncomfortable without it and if you put down a towel, you just slide about.

4. March is National Flour Month…are you a baker? Cookies-cakes-or pies…your favorite sweet treat to bake? What’s the last non-sweet thing you made that called for flour? 

I guess I do make things now and then; usually cookies but chocolate cake for birthday. The last non-sweet thing with flour was probably mac and cheese, as you begin with a roux.

5. There are 31 days in the month of March…where were you and what were you doing when you were 31? If you haven’t hit that milestone yet, then tell us where you were and what you were doing 31 months ago? (if math is not your thing, that would be August 3, 2018)

I went ahead and copied and pasted the post from March 4th, 2011. I was almost 32 but let’s be fair about the timing. I used to do a bloghop where you confessed things on Fridays and it happened to be on a Friday. Guess I didn’t blog on the third that month/year. Here goes:

Did anyone catch the above Steve Urkel reference? If not, you’re either much older than me or too young to remember the 90s. I found that my current college freshmen students have little to no recollection of the 90s. It’s…weird.

I confess… that I’m skipping out on a birthday party for one of Elliot’s classmates today. Who plans a 4 year old’s birthday party for 5-7 PM on a Friday night??

I confess… I’m going to sell some of my comic books. It’s because I need money.

I confess… I’ve spent an obscene amount of time listening to Soundgarden this week. I have apparently channeled my 15 year old self.

I confess… After I got comics yesterday, I ate an Arby’s beef ‘n’ cheddar. Not as good as I remember but then again, it’s been a LONG time.

I confess… I was supposed to work out last night and I didn’t. I watched some basketball, took an allergy pill and went to sleep.

I confess… I don’t want to be at work today. Spring Break begins next week (which means people are already gone) and I have the burning desire to shop the clearance racks in the Target kids’ section.

I confess… I really hope Mamarazzi announces her swap during the week and not the weekend because then I might miss out on it because I honestly don’t go on the net as much.

I confess… I’m about to engage in a rousing game of Bejeweled until I can motivate myself to do work.

Have a good weekend, people!

6. Insert your own random thought here.

Wow, it was kind of fun to read that old post above. I often go in and find a post because I was looking for something specific I know I wrote about and then I’ll read through that whole month or more. It’s like a time capsule I forgot I buried. Anyway, it’s been a week already. Yesterday I thought it was Thursday and panicked when I thought I might be behind. Now I feel like I can’t believe it is ONLY Wednesday. What is going on?? Part of it is the weather, as mentioned, and part is just that I have had a lot of success around the house: cleaning up, putting things away and actually DOING things. I know that sounds crazy but we all go in phases, right? For example, my husband was in a foul mood this weekend. He did a good job keeping it to himself for the most part but I could tell. He didn’t want to do anything more than sit on the couch. When I did suggest doing something (we needed to transfer beer) he agreed but every little thing was irritating to him. But then, Monday night, he was over it and when the kids suggested getting out the old laptops, he was in. So we own these old clunky things from a long time ago because they run games we played in college. But to set them up is a huge undertaking: must get out another table and multiple cables and switches so we can play locally with one another. I was really excited to see him want to do it though because it IS so easy to just get into the same old routines and not do anything. So now, even though it looks cruddy to have a folding table in the living room, right next to a couch and the dining room table, we have another source of family fun.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday ‘podge – Cold again, me, myself, and I, memories

  1. Smiling at your answer to the second question. Cracking up at the last sentence…
    You are young if you were blogging at 31! Happy March to you.

  2. I had to giggle at the fact you don’t drive a mini van.
    I’m glad your hubby is over his crummy mood. It does sound like pulling out the old laptops was a fun thing to do.

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