MMMM + Motivated today somehow

Weird weekend; don’t much remember Friday. Oh, ok I remember now! I worked all morning, then we went to Harry’s for lunch. Because it is New Orleans/Seafood style, I always get shrimp and grits but I went with shrimp and scallops on grit cakes along with macque choux and it was a good choice! (in case you are not aware of “mock-shoe”, it is a cajun style corn dish and look it up because omg so yummy.) Anyway, after that, Ash and I did a bit of housekeeping stuff and then around 4:15 when Elliot got home, he reminded me that we had said we’d attend his school’s soccer games. My friend’s daughter is on the team and then Ell’s friend and our neighbor is on the boys’ team. Both of them played against the Deer Lake teams down at the high school so even though Dakota had gone across the street to her friend’s house, we went and watched middle school soccer. It was an excellent night for it too. Sadly, our school’s teams lost.

Saturday was the last weekend of city soccer games. Koda’s team got a score (that makes 2 on the season!) but still lost. In fact, they lost every single game! Oh well. It is what it is. Meanwhile, the boys had their last game and were down 3 of our best players because our coach, a local pastor, always does a middle school boys retreat on this weekend and normally, when schedules aren’t delayed due to covid, soccer season is already over. So we had to play with our best player and then everyone else. Considering our handicap, I’ll take the tie. So their record was 6-0-1. Next Monday, the boys will have soccer assessments for Warner and we go from there. Hope to see some of those other kids out there.

We went to lunch and then for ice cream. Ash was in a bad mood so I just sort of busied myself with house things and grocery shopping. I mowed some overgrowth in the yard and made a lasagna.

Sunday, I went for a four miler and it sucked! It is hot and humid all of a sudden so that made it much more difficult. We had a very nice meal though: Prime NY strip steaks in the sous vide, mashed potatoes, and corn. Definitely the best steaks we’ve done so far to be honest.

I got a bunch more things done at home and the boys worked in the yard some. So many leaves now, even though it is entering into Spring. Florida is weird like that,  I guess.

Anyway, today I had class and I am ahead on most things. One class began and grades are due for two others so I am definitely busy! Looking forward to eating. as we only had lunch yesterday. This eating schedule we are one (Lunch, lunch/dinner, lunch, etc…) seems to be working for weight loss. What you learn when you begin an intermittent fasting plan, right away, is that people eat way too much food. We don’t NEED that much food. I can’t even imagine a day where I ate three meals. I’d feel gross. But hey, to each their own, right?


Favorite Johnny Mathis songs? Well, since I am – on average – younger than the other folks who participate in this bloghop, my only knowledge of his music comes in the form of Christmas songs. Oh how I loved to grab my parents’ traditional Christmas cassettes and listen to them in my room, even when it was nowhere near December! So here are the two I loved most:

4 thoughts on “MMMM + Motivated today somehow

  1. I looked up maque choux – wow. I love corn and I love bacon so…I would just have to skip the hot pepper because that and my body don’t get along anymore (long story I’ll spare you) but my husband is a pepperhead. Anyway, we certainly all need a little Christmas now. Haven’t heard this song of his in a long time.

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