Five Things Friday – Feeling better as March approaches

1.I lamented, weeks ago, that I do not like January and I usually feel sort of blue during that time. Well, it came and went so quickly, I didn’t have time to feel bad. Then this month came in and I was a little off-kilter – maybe because it was so dang cold! Well, it has been much warmer this past week. Maybe too warm at night even. I am sure it will rain here soon and we will be back to colder temps though.

2. We have been toying with the idea of a youtube channel for a good long while so last night, we did a different thing for it. Originally we were going to watch specific movies then record our review (in ways that might be different) but now we are doing a thing where we invite the audience to watch a movie with us; play it at the same time we do and then engage with our commentary throughout. So last night we watched A Nightmare on Elm Street. A. we both hate horror movies and B. I hadn’t seen it in a long time. It wasn’t too awful scary though and I was able to sleep, mostly. LOL.

3. Time went very quickly this morning prior to my run but now it has slowed. I have a class at 11:15 and then we’re going to lunch and Costco. They’re doing a deal on deep freezers again and we need a second one, for beer fermentation purposes. But this also means the kegerator must come inside. We’ve wanted to get it out of the garage and into the game/sun room for a while but this creates a whole other angle on things: spacing, etc. Fun stuff though; no complaints.

4. It was grossly overcast and misty this morning but the sun just came out; yay! I have really been enjoying the warmth and sitting in the sun lately. If it would stay this way, I am totally going to mow some overgrowth later. It’s getting to be time to take care of this yard for Spring

5. I am VERY glad it is Friday, as this week has felt way too long and frustrating but now, I am excited to just chill.

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