MMMM + Superb Owl results, COLD, jalapenos, Shark-ooter

Yes, that IS a really random list, isn’t it? I like to play with words, what can I say?

SO, this weekend. Well, originally, we’d planned to have two of our friends and families over Friday for karaoke but that did not pan out. However, they did come by for a few hours. I made a charcuterie board and it turned out fantastic. We have a joke – I think it was rolling around the internet for a bit – about this woman who called into a radio show and could not pronounce the word so she actually called it “shark cooter”, which is pretty profane but also, hilarious. Anyway, here’s the one I threw together:

Not too shabby for my first try! It really does seem like some kind of art form, I tell you.

Anyway, they all left by 11 and I went straight to bed! Ash ran in the AM and we had soccer games at 10:30 and noon. Poor Dakota’s team is still losing but it wasn’t as much of a beating. The boys played against a team (and coach) that comprised of about 4-5 kids from the same flag football team that gave Elliot’s their only loss in the Fall. It was apparent that those kids are more football kids than soccer; our team won, 4-2 and my own son scored a goal! Isaac played really well (I worry about him sometimes since he is young and playing up. They literally had him matched up against a girl who might have been twice his height!) but he really holds his own. He is amazing at the left wing position. Elliot, meanwhile, scored his first goal of the season. It was a good one too; he passed to Brody and then he passed it back to Ell, getting their goalie off center and Ell booted it in. I was so proud of him because he puts a lot of pressure on himself when he plays forward. We have some amazing players on this team and I know he feels subpar to them, so this was a huge bonus for him. They got a good win, even after rain came in during the third quarter. So glad they didn’t call it! But there was no lightning.

We went to eat afterwards and did not get home until after 2 and then we literally did nothing. It was cold and dark out and I hate that kind of afternoon. I managed to rally and get my butt on a 4 mile run, because I wasn’t interested in being too busy Sunday morning. Pretty sure that evening we just watched movies: Above the Law (Steven Segal) and then we finished up Police Story (Jackie Chan).

Sunday, I slept in a little and then planned to go to the store. It was a two meal day for Ash and I so I made tacos for lunch then planned on sandwiches for dinner. I didn’t even end up eating dinner though because we had Superbowl plans and I knew I’d snack. Now, I will admit I was a little nervous. A couple weeks ago, we were invited to our neighbors’ house for a little get together. At that, they had invited some folks they recently met (albeit only online through the Libertarian party local site) and we met them and enjoyed talking to them. A couple days later, the lady invited us to their place, saying they’d have “a few people over”. So I was wondering who, how many, what the situation would be. I get nervous about details sometimes. Anyway, it all turned out just fine, as it was just us and our neighbors anyway. A nice small gathering. They have one daughter who is my daughter’s age (as is the neighbors’ kid) and then a daughter one grade up from my oldest and a son one grade up from my middle boy. So yes, good times and..

…GO BUCS! So happy with the outcome. I spent years hating on Brady and the Pats because they always won but you cannot deny his talent. Plus, YB had the better all-around team. They had more pieces to the puzzle than the Chiefs. I take a slight bit of satisfaction too from the fact that there are A LOT of frontrunner Chiefs fans. A. the media hypes up Mahomes and B. since they were reigning champs, inevitably some semi-football fans just right on the bandwagon. I appreciate when the better team comes out on top due to will and talent.

Another win for Florida, I’ll call it. If it were not for our state being open, I don’t know if we’d have been able to have a Superbowl at all. Sure, we can all say, ‘Oh it’s just a sport, who cares?’ but I tell you what: sports bring people together. No matter who you are, what color, creed, etc, sports are a unifying thing.


I love a freebie week! Of course, I’m not really high on any songs right now. I can tell you that I am not big on this Weeknd person. I think we all sort of jammed along tot his “I can’t feel my face when I’m with you” hit a few years back. But since I am not a huge pop person, his halftime show was ‘eh”. I spent it getting another beer and eating my jalapeno corn dip I made. Turned out pretty well!

Anyway, as I turned on SiriusXM just now – so I can sit down to grade papers – I remembered just how much I like Steely Dan. One of their songs reminds me a little too much of an old friend who, although I am pretty over it now, caused me much strife in my late teens/early twenties. But hey, we live and learn. Here’s some good SD songs I like.

4 thoughts on “MMMM + Superb Owl results, COLD, jalapenos, Shark-ooter

  1. That is a nice looking shark-cooter board. Oh, I am laughing so much at that one. My husband used to make those boards years ago back before they were a thing, but we don’t do that much anymore. Turning to the music, I am a big Steely Dan fan. My favorites are Aja (the song), Rikki Don’t Lose That Number, and Time Out of Mind (although it’s really about using heroin, it’s a great song). But your selections were good, too.

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