Random Tuesday – Nature will fix it, anxiety, zombie-fied

  • I can’t believe I was so nervous about the get-together we attended on Sunday. I supposed it was just that part of me that gets awkward and insular during conversations. I sometimes worry what the other people are thinking TOO much and then panic. Even then that is not exactly what I mean. Luckily, it was just their family, ours, and the neighbors and we know all them. I was worried it would be a whole bunch of other people I didn’t know. But it was low key and pretty fun. Both of them have hosted now so I guess in a few weeks, it will be our turn.
  • Speaking of neighbors, I mentioned that our good neighbors to the left are moving. My boys knew their kids from camp and we became good friends and neighbors over the last 4 years. In fact, their move out date is exactly 3 years to the day that we’ve been here. I will miss knowing that they live there, that they know who we are, that we can walk in their grass with no worries. Seems small but there’s a comfort in that kind of relationship with those who dwell closest to you. Hopefully the new buyers are good people too!
  • I think my bulk order of patches comes this week (they shipped from Mexico) and I can start on my battle jacket. As mentioned, I still have to figure out who my God-tier band from the 80s actually is, so I can get the back patch. I’ve also been thinking about doing some instagram stories for my existing jackets. Since Insta lets you keep highlights on your profile, it would be cool to get all that on my page.
  • Man, I didn’t even go to bed late Sunday but I woke up DRAGGIN’. The January zombie mode seems to be creeping into my February and I’m not having it. How do you get motivated and out of this winter-time funk? Every year I say I am going to buy one of those lamps that supposedly improves mood but I never do.
  • Getting really tired of the weather pattern lately too. We have one sunny day then two or three rainy ones. I woke up to rain and didn’t even know it was supposed to.
  • Yesterday, because it seemed time, we got back to nature. Elliot lost his games anyway so we went to the park/playground. That lasted all of 10 minutes before the kids fought so we went to the Cadillac trail. We’ve hiked that so many times but it’s always a good walk. It’s technically our hardest mountain bike trail in town so it makes for a nice hike; think we did almost two miles.PXL_20210208_220528439-ANIMATION
  • Isn’t that a cool animation? I thought so. I think the walk really helped my kids get back on track. They were all a little tired and punchy and there’s nothing like a long walk in the woods to set one straight.
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