Random Tuesday – Weather sucks, January sucks

  • OK, weather, what the heck? It was freezing and now it is low 70s and grossly humid. The first mile of my run today was awful but the second one was ok. I hate the cold but it’s definitely better for running.
  • We finished Turn. Now we’ve started watching some documentaries about that time and the people who shaped our country. I hate that schools gloss over the founding fathers and the constitutions. It’s pretty disgusting how far we’ve drifted from that, to be honest.
  • We started watching Derry Girls, which sounded downright awful at first but is entertaining. It follows Irish girls in a boarding school during the 90s when everything was crazy with the Brits. I think we’ll probably keep watching, since it has only 6 episodes at only 23 minutes per.
  • We had gotten 4 beer kits: 2 reds and 2 browns, but we messed up the order so we have 2 reds that are/will be ready first and then the two browns. Anyway, we tapped the Irish red last night and it is quite good. Will probably improve as it matures so that’s nice. We haven’t had a beer on tap in a month and I missed that convenience.
  • Well, not to talk about weather again but we had sun for one – ONE! – day and now it’s back to being shite. I am over it entirely. And so ready for January to be over. As previously mentioned, I have an issue with this month. Funny, I was watching this video by a youtube channel called Little Punk People (it’s a kid named Elliott who interviews metal singers. etc.) and he’s doing a series with his dad now. At the start of this video, the dad said how depressing January is and it makes him feel like a zombie. Totally agree! I feel like I’m in a damned fog all the time.
  • I’m not entirely sure February will be any better but it couldn’t hurt, eh? I have some stuff keeping me afloat right now. For one, Turn fanfiction. Writing it anyway. I am writing a fix-it fic for the first time. I.E. one in which no one dies and everyone is somewhat happy. LOL. Then, I found a new Batman comic that has a heavy metal theme, so that’s kind of neat. Plus, my patches are rolling in for the aforementioned new jacket for the August concert. I really wanted to keep it to just hair bands but I found a cute little skeleton dude and then this cool distressed looking American flag and I have to add them in.
  • OK that’s it for the random. Tune in tomorrow for the Wednesday Hodgepodge!
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