MMMM + Just need… to rest

What a weekend. LOL. Actually, I cannot even remember Friday somehow. I guess Ash and I went to Cracker Barrel then at home, we cleaned a little and watched some Turn until the kids got home. It was a 2 meal day so we made sous vide steak again with mashed potatoes, corn, and french bread. Super yum.

Saturday was A DAY. We set an alarm for 6:30 so both of us could get our long runs done (I find it funny to say “long” for our runs now. My long is 4, his is 5. We used to have 10-15 mile long runs!) By 8:30 we were driving up to the field for Dakota’s first soccer game of the season. Ash got commissioned to be assistant coach so he had to be there early anyway. Her team did not win but she had two saves as goalie so I mean, that’s a step in the right direction.

The boys had a noon game so we had enough time for an episode of Turn and then we headed to a different ball field for theirs. As we watched their opponent’s team show up, we noticed that their (probably) best player, was a kid Elliot had played with four years ago. I was a little nervous then because he was very very talented. However, my boys’ team is ridiculous and they won 13-0. LOL. I always feel a little bad when they kill teams like that but also, it’s really fun when they’re winning so…

We went to Sonny’s after then had a little over an hour to rest at home before meeting our friends at a brewery. It’s one we don’t normally go to so that was nice. But they apparently aren’t doing flights and the only reason it pissed me off is because all the other breweries are. So their abundance of caution seems silly in light of that. Oh well.

So after that, we got home, rested, had some water, then walked across the street to the new neighbors for a little party for the Connor McGregor fight. Good times; good food. We didn’t leave there until 1 am and boy was I tired! Everyone slept in the next day (Boys stayed up playing games here and Koda had gone with us.) I managed to rally and get to the store, even though, yeah, I was nursing a hangover. Made a lasagna, got laundry going, and by 3, was all in for hours of football. So happy for the Bucs! I spent an ungodly amount of time hating Tom Brady many years ago but then, I got over it. So now my goal is to hate on the haters. Sure, I understand hating people who win all the time. I hated the Lakers, hated the Yankees. But most people – I reckon – dislike Brady because he’s been outspoken about his political affiliation. I personally think that’s a really awful reason to hate folks. But anyway, congrats, Bucs!

Sad that the Bills couldn’t pull out a win, since I’m not really a Chiefs fan, but it is what it is. I shall be sad when football is over, that’s for sure.


I feel like freebie weeks are getting harder and harder, especially when I haven’t much gotten into anything new lately.

SO, I’m choosing today a fan video based on Turn. I love that people make these because it takes dedication. This may have spoilers, but I loved this song they picked and how it paired with the idea that early American colonists fought hard for what they believed in. I am really high on this idea right now because I think now, more than maybe ever before, it’s going to be important for us to remind ourselves of our roots. Sure, some of them are bloody, but those who do not learn from their history are doomed to repeat it. (And yeah, go ahead and cancel the 1776 Project so young students won’t know any of it. Good idea, government! ::sarcasm::)

3 thoughts on “MMMM + Just need… to rest

  1. I’m a little surprised that I hadn’t heard of this series, given that I am interested in history. I was originally a history major in college (I did change my major after a year) but have not done any historical reading in years. I’ve forgotten so much of what I learned about the Revolutionary War. It might be interesting for me to delve into music (apart from the well known “Yankee Doodle”) popular during that time – maybe a project for “one day”.

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