Random Tuesday – Happy month, good viewing, new project

Stacy Uncorked
  • So far, my goal of not being depressed in January has been half-successful. I am ahead on most work so that helps. But in other ways, I let the dark rainy days and my hormones get the best of me. I will say, tuning out most news has helped more than I can say. Not to say I’m not being a good, attentive American citizen but what with everything that has happened, I think focusing on work and family is a much better – and happier – way to live my life.
  • There’s a church-organized thrift store up the road and I got this nice wooden sign that says America on it and I also picked up Dana Loesch’s book, Hands off my Gun. I’m looking forward to reading it. Though the second amendment isn’t the attack du jour, I am sure it will circle back around when convenient. LOL.
  • I know you’ll all tire of me talking about Turn but I am high on it right now. I mean, we’ve been watching some other stuff too, like Cobra Kai, but that show is cheesy while entertaining. It’s fluff, really. But Turn reminds me of all that people fought for in this country. How they rebelled against oppression and built the very foundations upon which we’ve stood for centuries. All the characters are pretty well done too. I enjoy the Sons of Liberty, Washington, even Simcoe, who is downright awful. And of course, John Andre is amazing.
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  • It’s about to get right busy for me here; this past week was a gift because I had not yet begun my last course I am teaching this term. Now I have on be on Zoom an awful lot. And the one difference this term is that my classes end at 12, whereas last term was by 11. I don’t eat breakfast (we do a kind of intermittent fasting) so leaving here by 11 for whatever restaurant worked. But now we have to adjust ourselves to this new time frame. I don’t think it’s unreasonable, but whenever there’s a shift, I get a little uncomfortable, worried I’ll just be so hungry. But last week we sort of tried this new time frame and it will be alright.
  • I may have mentioned that I am starting a new battle jacket for our August concert (Motley Crue/Def Leppard/Poison). I have the idea of making it all 80s hair bands. My old school jacket (not the one I have with heavier new bands) has some bands like that on there but this one will be entirely glam/hair metal. The one problem is I have to sit down and really determine who my God tier band is for the back patch. Typically these things have one larger patch to signify favorite band. As you can see, I did that with Ghost but on my other, I did three Iron Maiden ones instead. That was also my first vest so it needs work. (The nWo patch is crooked as hell!) I am so excited to start anew; I don’t have a lot of projects I work on like my husband does. At any one time, he has multiple things, like his arcade room. But I don’t. So this gives me that opportunity to be creative and not just sit on my tablet!
  • I am happy to see that our host can still find funny things on the internet. My Facebook page has been reduced to mostly pages I follow instead of people. Which is very nice but I also don’t agree with cancel culture so although I snoozed a lot of “friends”, it isn’t right necessarily. But I literally had people on there posting 80 times a day, transcribing lines from the news. Look, if I want news, I’ll find it. On Facebook, just show me your cat/dog/kids/lunch and move on. Your status updates are not going to change anyone’s minds about who they vote for! (I learned this one the hard way; I didn’t want to change minds, just show another way of seeing the world and, well, I apparently became a Nazi. Pretty crazy how fast that happened. LOL. 😉 )
  • I’m looking forward to a time in the not too distant future – and I do believe we will get there – when things may settle down again and perhaps (JUST MAYBE) people can begin having reasonable conversations again. I feel the chasm between ideas has grown to immeasurable levels. But it can happen, if people want it to. The problem will be in convincing everyone that it works if everyone takes the step in. It can’t just be one side. That’s unreasonable.
  • OK, wow, this post got way serious. I wish I had something super fun to share but the only thing is that our first sous vide steaks turned out excellent! After about 3 hours in there, they were perfect. I seared them in a cast iron skillet with butter and omg, yum! Even my daughter, who does not normally care for steak, was in love. I honestly may never grill a steak again!

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Happy month, good viewing, new project

  1. You know killing the Second Amendment is first and foremost on the minds of Grandpa Alzheimer’s handlers. I’m sure they’ve got his speech and executive orders all written and he’s practicing his grand presentation as we speak…

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