MMMM + Long ass weekend!

My kids are off today AND tomorrow so it feels like a very long weekend. I am still trying to shrug off last week in some way; my son tried out for the school soccer team and… he did not make it. On the one hand, I was devastated for him. I was also a little drunk when I found out. (To backtrack, on Friday, I had a ton of work to do and two classes to teach. We also brewed and did not finish until 2 when we finally ate for the day. Had burgers and beer, then went to Growler Country for flights. That is when he found out.) So I was very sad but also, he does not practice. Most soccer kids are constantly practicing footwork and little tricks that generally improve their skill. So on that end, I was not surprised and chalked it all up to a life lesson. He too saw it that way and we moved on. Once we got home that evening, I was just wrecked. Tired and my chair called to me.

Saturday, we had back to back practices out at the very cold fields and then lunch. And then house cleaning because the newly befriended neighbours were coming over for football. Their daughter has become friends with mine so it makes sense. He’s a bit much to handle, still acts like he’s in his 20s and that kind of energy is exhausting for me. She is nice though and we had a nice time chatting. Though again, exhausting. So yesterday was a recharge day. I ran in the morning then made lunch. By afternoon, we were starting season 3 of Turn and then watching football. Turn is good, you guys. I am a little annoyed with how they’ve started this season but at the same time, still liking it. Also, how are not more people on the internet slobbering over JJ Feild? He’s legit B-Team Tom Hiddleston yet somehow, better? I dunno. I dig him. He’s pretty! I’ve never been one of those folks into all that Victorian era, Jane Austen stuff but he’s in a gazillion of those. Perhaps it’s time I get into them? 😉

Anyway, I woke up with a headache and it’s just not subsiding. I slept terribly last night too so that doesn’t help my day. We plan to go out for dollar tacos today and then for dinner, going to try to cook steak sous vide for the first time. That will be interesting! I got it for Ash for Christmas and we have not really delved into it. I hear it’s the best way – and the most restaurant-authentic – but we will see!


OK so this here Winnie the Pooh theme is challenging! I have to say that the first thing that came to mind was Kenny Loggings’ Return to Pooh Corner but then one of our hosts, Cathy, mentioned it. Oh well; this is what you get! (You guys know I love me some Kenny Loggins).

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