Finally Friday!

I am in a MUCH better mind state today. I woke up feeling icky in my back but I am happier. In fact, I was able to start cleaning today for our friends coming later. My plan is to catch up on any work I can (almost everything is basically done for the holidays now anyway) and then run. It’s freezing today – literally 32 – but I’ll make it. I’ll just wear my Under Armor cold gear.

So when I was in a funk earlier this week, I read a lot of articles with tips on how to break out. One that kept coming up was to list things that made me happy or successes I had this week. So here’s a quick list of those things:

  • Getting presents wrapped.
  • Making a tortellini bake that my kids loved! They even ate it in leftovers multiple times.
  • Making a dessert they loved. Essentially, Cool Whip, pudding mix, strawberry yogurt with berries and mini marshmallows mixed in.
  • Cleaning the house. I know everyone loves when it’s tidy and I tend to put it on the back burner when busy.
  • Making time to be kind to my children and doing little things with them.

Now, some stuff I want to accomplish:

  • Be nicer; I feel like my stress does make me more snappy
  • Blow all the tree crud off the deck. I don’t see us going outside later but maybe.
  • Find one more gift for my husband that the boys can give him

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